15 Educational Online Games For Your Kids

While schools are closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, here are 15 educational online games for your kids across different areas, including math, science, art, history, and more.

Parents everywhere face a plethora of difficulties now that we’re all engaging in some form of social distance. The moment isn’t right for a Pinterest-inspired home classroom during a worldwide pandemic, however. As a teacher for 13 years, I can assure you that the resources and knowledge your child’s instructors have been difficult, if not impossible, to match right now! In addition, parents are balancing additional responsibilities like working from home and adjusting to living in a locked-down house.

If you can’t provide your child with a curriculum as comprehensive as the one they receive at school, you don’t have to feel bad about it. Predictable routines and engaging activities and games are what youngsters urgently want, however.

In lieu of making an attempt to become a teacher overnight, create a flexible timetable that includes several opportunities for children to practice their essential abilities, such as number sense and phonics, through play, music, and make-believe. Also, schedule time for your children to play quietly or alone if necessary, so that you may get some work done or clear your thoughts.

You already have a wealth of free internet games for kids to choose from. In order to keep your children occupied at home as they learn and have fun, we’ve put a list of some of our favorite activities.

Free Online Games For Toddlers:

Free Online Games For Preschools:

  • Scholastic Learn at Home
  • CBeebies
  • ABCMouse

Free Online Games For Elementary:

  • Shifu Plugo
  • CBC Kids
  • Boomerang TV

Free Online Games For Tweens:

  • Common Sense Media
  • Funbrain
  • National Geographic Kids

Free Online Games For Teens:

  • 3D World Farmer
  • Airport Manager
  • ICivics

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