15 Resources for Teaching Children About Sexuality

Sex education teaches young people to be confident and knowledgeable. Children of all ages can benefit from learning about birds and bees at an early age. These 15 resources for teaching children about sexuality will help parents to do just that!

Confident, body-positive children can be raised by being upfront and honest about their sexuality. As kids grow older, they’ll be able to make better decisions about their own health and well-being thanks to the knowledge you’ve given them now. Because of this, it is difficult to know where to begin when it comes to learning about sexuality.

“Birds and the bees” rhetoric is a good analogy, but it’s not a one-and-done situation when it comes to excellent resources. Rather than a single, massive meeting, there are several smaller ones. We must instill in our children an understanding of healthy sex from an early age. As you become older, you’ll notice that this appears different.

 We need to make children feel comfortable talking about their bodies with their parents without fear of criticism or shame.

As a resource for dealing with difficulties related to sexuality, we recommend Sex Positive Families. They have compiled a selection of books to help parents of all ages discuss sex education with their children.

Parents should talk to their children about feelings and emotions that go beyond the physical. Aside from offering an anatomy lesson and utilizing the correct genital names, it’s just as crucial to talk about love, crushes, marriage, and babies.

Sex book is a must-read for sex-positive parents who want their children to grow up with a strong sense of self-confidence. In the minds of many parents, disclosing information about sex automatically indicates consent to sex. Children who learn about sexuality from trustworthy adults in healthy, continuing interactions are more likely to put off having their first sex for a longer period of time than those who do not.

Use the materials and publications below to start a conversation with your child about sexuality and relationships.


  • It’s Not the Stork by Robie Harris
  • What’s the Big Secret? by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
  • Videos at AMAZE Junior
  • What Makes A Baby by Cory Silverberg
  • The Family Book by Todd Parr

Elementary Kids

  • A mobile app called Real Talk
  • It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie Harris
  • The sex education website scarleteen.com
  • Top Picks for Teenagers
  • It’s So Amazing by Robie Harris
  • S.E.X. by Heather Corinna


  • For Goodness Sex by Al Vernacchio
  • The website advocatesforyouth.org
  • Beyond Birds and Bees: Bringing Home a New Message to Our Kids about Sex, Love, and Equality by Bonnie J. Rough
  • Talk to Me First by Deborah Roffman

Go ahead and take advantage of these 15 resources for teaching children about sexuality!

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