18 Books For Children About Adoption

Discover the beauty of adoption through these heartwarming books for children about adoption. These powerful stories teach important life lessons about love and family dynamics, making them must-reads for any family going through the adoption process.

Are you looking to educate your child about adoption? Consider picking up one of these age-appropriate children’s books which address the subject matter. The authors address family relationships carefully, give heartwarming tales of love, and introduce adorable characters to help children comprehend what it means to be adopted.

Some Babies Are Adopted

Author: Cindy Walker

This narrative is recounted from the perspective of a birth mother who looks for an adoptive couple. It demonstrates that people frequently have the best intentions when choosing adoption for their children.

I’ve Loved You Since Forever

Author: Hoda Kotb

I’ve Loved You Since Forever was written by Hoda Kotb, who has two adopted daughters and is a co-anchor on the Today show. The lyrical text describes the love between a parent and kid, accompanied by Suzie Mason’s charming animal illustrations.

And That’s Why She’s My Mama

Author: Tiarra Nacario

This adoption story for youngsters emphasizes the loving acts that mothers conduct (for example, kissing your boo-boos and taking you to the park). It demonstrates that one can be a parent without having children.

And Tango Makes Three

Author: Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

This award-winning board book tells the true story of two Central Park Zoo male penguins who became same-sex parents after being offered an egg to hatch. Everyone, especially LGBTQ+ families, will love this adoption story.

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families

Author: Todd Parr

This book examines how adoption can bring people together in a child-friendly format. A variety of diverse family configurations are depicted in brightly-hued artwork.

Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

Author: Dr. Marc Nemiroff and Dr. Jane Annunziata.

Does your child comprehend the meaning of adoption? Then pick up this enlightening book, which provides a greater knowledge of the adoption process and the complicated emotions many adopted children face.

ABC, Adoption & Me

Author: Kelly DiBenedetto, Katie Gorczyca, and Jennifer Eckett

This adoption book is also a resource for foster children. The narrator, Charlie, talks about growing up with adopted parents and his issues with trust and identity. Additionally, parents will benefit from the inclusion of dialogue advice, suggestions for family activities, and other resources.

Happy Adoption Day!

Author: Gayle H. Swift and Casey Anne Swift

This ABC dictionary does not shy away from covering the complicated difficulties that frequently accompany adoption, for which it has been recognized by Adoptive Families magazine. It is bundled with cartoon illustrations depicting multiracial families.

Daddy Dog and Papi Panda’s Rainbow Family

Author: John McCutcheon

John McCutcheon, an American folk artist, composed the tune Happy Adoption Day and translated it into this novel adoption book for children. The verses are accompanied by musical notation and vivid pictures.

Emma’s Yucky Brother

Author: Anthony Hale.

This book with same-sex parents illustrates how families are formed via adoption and surrogacy. The parents are a dog and a panda, and their offspring are a monkey and three cats. This book is ideal for introducing children to varied families and LGBTQ+ families with adopted children.

All Together Now

Author: Jean Little

Max, a young boy adopted by Emma’s family, believes that all sisters are repulsive. Emma learns what it’s actually like to have a younger brother as she and her new sibling begin to bond. This original and beautiful tale may be relatable to children adjusting to a new sibling.

All Together Now

Author: Anita Jeram

Only one of Mommy Rabbit’s three offspring, Bunny, Little Duckling, and Miss Mouse, is a rabbit. This diverse animal family tells a tale of love, family, and community.

Little Miss Spider

Author: Written by David Kirk

Miss Spider cannot locate her mother after her birth. Betty Beetle assists in the hunt and ultimately adopts Miss Spider, demonstrating that parental love can take many forms.

Yes, I’m Adopted!

Author: Sharlie Zinniger

Written from a child’s perspective, this book describes an entire adoption journey, emphasizing love. Children will like the amusing rhyme scheme. Notable religious overtones include references to God and prayer.

The Little Green Goose

Author: Adele Sansone

Mr. Goose desires to become a parent, and upon discovering an abandoned egg, he hatches it to find a baby dinosaur. The green-skinned creature doubts his identity, but he discovers that Mr. Goose is a caring adoptive parent.

Why Was I Adopted?

Author: Carole Livingston

Adopted children have several inquiries. Probably the most important: “Why was I adopted?” This older story clarifies the conditions around adoption, reducing confusion and promoting open communication.

Oliver: A Story About Adoption

Author: Lois Wickstrom

After being reprimanded by his father, Oliver begins to long for his biological parents. This leads Oliver’s adoptive parents to explore their own childhood fantasies, and he realizes how fortunate he is to have such supportive and caring parents.

A Mother for Choco

Author: Keiko Kasza

A bird named Choco wants to locate his mother, but he cannot find anyone who resembles him. Mrs. Bear discovers Choco’s distress and consoles him like a caring mom. Choco encounters her other children, including a piglet and an alligator, and discovers that families can be of various sizes. He accepts Mrs. Bear as his mother despite their different appearance.

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