### 19 Surprising Advantages of Raising a Solo Child


As a parent with a single child, you often encounter a range of reactions from others, including surprise, dismissal, or pity. There is a common assumption that individuals with only one child may be incapable of having more, dissatisfied with their current family size, or likely to change their mind in the future.

While it is true that some parents of only children may desire more kids but are unable to due to factors like infertility, medical issues, or financial constraints, many others intentionally choose the “one-and-done” path. Some parents who initially planned on having multiple children find fulfillment and happiness in raising just one.

Numerous negative stereotypes about only children persist, such as notions that they are lonely, spoiled, or socially inept. However, according to writer Chiara Dello Joio in The Atlantic, most contemporary studies do not support these disadvantages associated with only children. Additionally, there is often criticism directed at parents who opt not to give their child a sibling, labeling them as selfish. Yet, the benefits of having a single child are often overlooked.

Below, our readers highlight the advantages of having an only child that are frequently underestimated.

Responses have been edited slightly for clarity and brevity.

Enhanced Quality of Life for Your Child

“For me, it’s all about the quality of life I can offer. Coming from a background of financial struggle with five siblings, I now have the means to provide my son with opportunities. He can explore various interests like music lessons and sports without limitations. Unlike if I had multiple children, where such opportunities would be divided. Our ability to travel and create lasting memories is also a significant advantage of having just one child. This shared journey has brought us closer together.” — Alicia M.

“Dealing with sleepless nights, diaper changes, and the terrible twos is a one-time experience. There’s no need to adjust parenting strategies for different age groups within the family.” — Gabrielle N.

Simplified Travel Experiences

“Traveling with a single child is more streamlined. We can easily sit together on flights, share luggage efficiently, and tailor our itinerary to our child’s preferences without juggling multiple schedules. This not only simplifies logistics but also reduces costs.” — Rachael H.

Tranquil Home Environment

“As a teacher, returning home to a peaceful environment is crucial for me. My 12-year-old son appreciates this tranquility as well. We enjoy quiet moments together, fostering a sense of calmness that might be disrupted with siblings around.” — Maricia S.

Ease of Finding Childcare

“Securing a babysitter for one child is notably simpler, especially when seeking some adult time away. Convincing grandparents to care for a single child for extended periods is much easier compared to managing multiple children.” — Megan R.

Focus on Personal Well-being

“Maintaining a balance between my own health needs, my spouse’s, and my child’s is paramount. With just one child, I can dedicate time to self-care without overwhelming responsibilities. This dynamic allows me to be a better parent to my only child.” — Liz C.

Building Relationships with Your Child’s Friends

“Cultivating meaningful connections with other families becomes more intentional. By involving our son’s friends in various activities, we’ve not only enriched his social experiences but also developed lasting bonds with these families over the years.” — Elizabeth E.

Efficient Parenting with a Partner

“Sharing parenting duties with a partner is more manageable, allowing for breaks and ensuring both parents are actively engaged. We cherish the joys of raising our single child together.” — Eva Z.

Active Involvement in Your Child’s Activities

“Having one child means undivided attention and support for their interests and pursuits. There’s no need to split time between multiple schedules, enabling full engagement in our daughter’s endeavors.” — Megan J.

“One is my mental, emotional and physical limit. It’s exactly what I can handle and still be a good mom.”

– Megan R.

Financial Benefits

“Lower overall expenses, such as reduced daycare costs and more affordable family outings, contribute to the economic advantages of having a single child. Managing finances becomes less burdensome compared to families with multiple children.” — Katie M.

“Having to pay for childcare for just one child is a significant relief. Juggling the costs of multiple children’s care can be daunting.” — Erica L.

Avoiding Sibling Conflicts

“Growing up with a sibling close in age often leads to frequent disagreements. Raising a single child eliminates the need to mediate and resolve sibling rivalries.” — Audrey K.

Supporting Diverse Interests

“Being able to fully invest in my daughter’s passions and pursuits has strengthened our bond. I have the flexibility to explore various activities with her, nurturing a deep connection based on shared experiences.” — Alexandra V.

Living Comfortably with Less

“Choosing to reside in a smaller home and drive a compact vehicle can lead to cost savings. This lifestyle choice is more sustainable with a single child and allows for equitable support from extended family members.” — Megan C.

Personalized Parenting Approach

“Although having only one child was not initially planned, it has become the optimal choice for me. Recognizing my limits and capabilities as a parent has enabled me to provide the best care for my child.” — Megan R.

Quality Time Spent Together

“Without the option to rely on siblings for entertainment, the time spent with our child is more meaningful. Engaging in parent-child activities and conversations strengthens our bond and mutual understanding.” — Laura L.

Enhanced Parental Presence

“Being fully present and attentive to my child’s milestones and moments is facilitated by having just one. I cherish these fleeting experiences, knowing they are unique and irreplaceable.” — Liz S.

Opportunities for Personal Time

“Occasions when our child is away for the night provide valuable ‘me time’ or opportunities for quality time with a partner. These breaks are essential for recharging and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.” — Megan R.

Simplified Bedtime Routine

“Managing bedtime routines is less complicated when focused on a single child’s needs. The simplicity of this process fosters a sense of security and closeness between parent and child.” — Raven K.

Fostering a Special Connection

“The intimate bond formed with a single child is unique and profound. Expressing unconditional love and admiration for your only child strengthens the familial bond and creates lasting memories.” — Meg C.

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