Good Behaviour and Orderly Conduct

In a recent Reddit post, a dad described his genius punishment method for dealing with his son’s theft. This Dad’s Genius Punishment is golden!

As a result, his son admitted taking gum from a local convenience store. He’s five years old. According to him, the man who had my back turned scooped it up and left. After he offered me a slice of it, I discovered this 5yo logic.

“I told him how proud I was of telling me the truth but unhappy that he had to stoop to stealing,” the father said.

However, the father chose to fine the youngster rather than punish him in any other way, such as taking away a prized possession like a beloved toy. When he wasn’t doing his chores, I informed him he couldn’t watch TV or use his tablet or go outside until he paid off his debt.

As part of his “community service,” the youngster cleaned up after himself, including picking up his brother’s toys and putting them away.

When I hear the occasional “Ugh!” I know that he’s in his room cleaning up the mess. In the future, I will never steal again! That’s all there is to it. There are few replicas of the effects of real-life events. If he steals now, he’ll have to pay a lot of money in penalties, community service, or maybe time in jail.

Lastly, the father states his intention to start paying the youngster an allowance for his tasks to teach him about money. In an amendment to the post, he said he would repent once he had earned his money. Dad isn’t footing the bill to save him.

Commenters to the post were overwhelmingly in favor of this dad’s method to discipline.

“I was subjected to the same treatment by my mother. It’s a great motivation to apply shame in the right way.”

Having him work to pay for it is ideal, in my opinion. As the last step, he should return to the store and pay for the item. There are bound to be occasions when he unintentionally leaves the store with a purchase. He’ll have the experience of returning to the store and paying for it as an adult, so this is a beautiful practice.

Many readers shared their own childhood stories of stealing and the repercussions they suffered when their parents found out.

Finally, I believe this father was able to communicate his message to his son. But it’s all a conjecture on his part, though. That’s something everyone does, and there’s no need to be concerned.

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