Thanking the New Spouses of Your Ex-Spouses Will Make You Cry

It can be hard to get over an ex. It’s normal to feel this way. Here are some tips to thanking the new spouse of your ex-spouse.

We’ve all heard that divorce can be a tumultuous experience. On the other hand, filmmakers seek to defy conventional wisdom by capturing a divorced couple’s road to establishing a happy, unified family.

The video introduces us to Jamey and Tara, a married couple who decided to divorce after seven years of marriage. But they’re not that far apart—the couple has a 12-year-old kid, born just two years into their marriage.

In the video, Tara says, “We had a few good years.” “I just assume we stopped watering the plant at some point, you know?”

Furthermore, “a plant will simply wilt and die” if poison is applied to the plant. After that, we see what happens when the couple divorces and subsequently remarry.

We begin by getting to know Tara’s new husband, Jason, who Jamey, Tara’s father, describes as “totally embracing” his son in his words. Jamey reports that he attends his basketball games and completes his homework. “When my son lied to him about something, I saw him break down and cry. I actually saw Jason get harmed. Because he believes in him.”

Jamey and Natasha, his wife, has also left. Also, Tara, whose parents have been married for 45 years, says that she has difficulty with anyone other than herself being a mother or father to her youngster. Nevertheless, she praises the friendship between Nak and Natasha. ‘He really has a tremendous heart and takes many people into his world,’ Tara adds of her boyfriend. “Plus, she makes it look effortless.”

Jason and Natasha are thanked by Jamey and Tara, who reveal that they have sent them thank-you letters. They plan to read their letters to their ex-husbands and ex-wives in private as a surprise.

There is resentment in my voice. Jason and Jamey are seated in opposing chairs. “Wasn’t that what I was hoping for when I signed up for your program? You’re a wonderful husband who exemplifies all of these qualities. I’m in awe of you. It means the world to me.”

I can’t get enough of this!

In the past few months, things haven’t changed much on the girls’ side. The new woman in her life, “a new pair of arms that my son would be cradled in,” Natasha is told by Tara. “Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. A woman with a soft heart. Whose love for Nak, I can definitely discern. Jamey is a better father to Nak because of your affection for him. He’s incredibly fortunate to have you as a friend.”

If you haven’t shed a tear yet, you will soon enough. Jamey, who is in tears as he reads his letter to Jason, is now back in the storyline. The manner a man treats his wife is a reflection of how he treats his mother, and that’s something he understands well. “That’s what you’re doing for him. You’re accomplishing things I couldn’t. That’s why I adore you, man. I’m supposed to despise you because of it. I, on the other hand, do.”

Finally, Tara promises that the adventure is only beginning and that the tears will subside soon.

As she puts it, “Nak has often wanted a big family, one with plenty of siblings and sisters” Look at what’s happened to him since then.

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