Would You Host a Period Party for Your Daughter?

Menstruation is becoming less taboo for some parents, who hold a particular party to commemorate their daughter’s first period. Would you host a period party for your daughter?

It’s not exactly a new phenomenon.

Parents of teenage girls are stocking up on red balloons and red velvet sweets to remove the stigma of menstruation from their daughters’ lives, but these celebrations are nothing new.

One of Dominique Christina’s poems, “The Period Poem,” was performed at a spoken-word event in 2014, during which she talked about her daughter’s period celebration at the age of thirteen. And that’s what I set out to do,” Christina confessed. When her friends showed up dressed all in red, I decided to throw her a period-themed party for her birthday. I enjoyed it. Everything is red.”

What the Mothers Have to Say

Some families have a tradition of taking the girl who had her first period to Olive Garden for a “women’s day out” to make the transition to womanhood less frightening for the girl.

Other mothers desire to recreate the magical moments that marked the beginning of their menstrual cycles for their children.

What the Experts Have to Speak About

Parents should think about the celebration from their daughter’s point of view before getting on the retro-themed bandwagon. However, while you may be thrilled that she’s hit the menarche milestone, is she ready? When it comes to her body, how comfortable is she? It is not uncommon for preteens to be excessively self-conscious of their changing bodies. It causes them to want to hide in a cave.

Whitney suggests that parents ask themselves the following questions to get to the heart of the “why” of the celebration:

In some manner, is this gathering a celebration for her or you? If you want to demonstrate your willingness to discuss sexual issues with others, are you doing so with your daughter?

A crucial consideration is whether or whether your daughter takes pleasure in being the center of attention and her willingness and ability to take on new challenges.

Is it common for her friends to have period parties?

As a result, effective verbal and written exchanges are essential. Your goal is to make her feel cherished and unique, so ask her what might make her feel embarrassed or overwhelmed. You accomplish two key things when you pay attention to what she prefers. As a result, you build her confidence that you can help with emotionally challenging situations.

Secondly, you emphasize her sexual agency—the right to make crucial decisions about her body and sexuality, and that others should respect her judgments. At first by yourself; after that by your love relationships.


It can be helpful to throw a period party to normalize a part of feminine existence.

As one teen recalls, her parents not only cooked an elaborate meal for the entire family but also included in the gift bag a book on puberty as well as feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons.

On the big day, period-themed parties might reinterpret a taboo and bothersome region of life, regardless of how it appears. All celebrations should be geared toward supporting the honoree.

For young women, it’s crucial to feel that they’re adored and adored. This will boost one’s self-worth and increase self-esteem at a critical time of transition. After reading all these information, would you host a period party for your daughter? It’s all up to you and your family to decide.

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