Understand What An Adam’s Apple Is

What is an Adam’s Apple? Where in your body can you find it? This article discusses kids’ journey to understand what exactly an adam’s apple is.

Seeing Brian, a buddy of your big brother’s, sipping water in the dugout while the team is playing baseball is an amusing moment while you’re in high school. He has a large hump on the front of his neck that rises and falls with each sip.

Among the boys in your age group, you notice that none of the other lads have bumps like that. Then again, so do all the girls you’ve ever met, no matter how old they are. What exactly is going on?

Many changes occur in the bodies and thoughts of adolescents as they approach puberty. Many aspects of a child’s body will continue to grow and alter as they age. The larynx, among many other organs, participates in the developing process (say: LAIR-inks).

The larynx, or voice box, is another name for this throat part. The larynx is what gives you your voice, whether you’re talking, laughing, whispering, singing, or yelling. Touching the front of your throat and humming will help locate your larynx. You’ll know you’ve discovered it when your fingers start vibrating.

During puberty, the larynx expands and protrudes forward into the windpipe. The Adam’s apple is a term used to describe this feature. During puberty, everyone’s larynx develops, but a girl’s larynx expands slower than a boy’s. That’s why boys are born with Adam’s apples in their cheeks. Some girls have Adam’s apples, but most don’t, but it’s rare. It doesn’t matter either way you look at it.

Because it’s Adam’s apple, your assumption that the name comes from Adam and Eve’s experience with a piece of the forbidden fruit becoming lodged in his throat is correct. One way to tell if you have Adam’s apple is to search for a little, spherical apple under the skin of your throat.

Boys’ vocals are richer due to their larger larynx. As their larynxes grow, girls’ voices tend to deepen as well. However, because guys’ larynxes grow so much, their voices are deeper than those of girls.

It takes time for the larynx to expand to its new size. If you’ve ever heard a squeaky teenage boy’s voice, you’ve heard a growing larynx adjust to its new size.

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