Best History Tutoring Sites on the Internet

You may benefit from an online history tutoring program as a history student. If you’re looking for a specialist in one of the most popular and regularly studied fields in history, you can locate one through one of the most popular tutoring sites. We hope that one of the following platforms will be a good fit for you or your student as a resource for both students and parents.


To discover history tutoring, Preply features a simple and user-friendly site. If language tutoring is what you’re looking for, this site also has experts in many historical fields available for hire.

In addition to searching by subject, students can filter for specific areas of competence, such as historical eras or experience teaching to specific standardized or advanced assessments. Tutors’ profiles include reviews from previous students, which may be read at any time.

Before committing to a long-term tutoring partnership, there is a “trial lesson” option. In addition, students are not required to commit to long-term tutoring; teachers can assist students who only require assistance with a single assignment or test.

The platform’s primary goal is to cater training to the specific needs of each student, no matter what those needs are or how long they last. Some tutors charge as little as $10 per hour, while others charge as much as $70 per hour on the platform.

With an entire area devoted to US history tutoring, is ideal for students (especially those in high school) looking for specialized assistance without navigating through teachers who aren’t a good fit.

Tutors for AP U.S. History may be beneficial to students because they are experts in the field. As a subsidiary of the Princeton Review, students can rest certain that they are working with a well-known and reputable brand when seeking aid with test preparation, academic paper writing, and everyday homework tasks.

Many pricing options are provided instead of relying on tutors to choose their prices. There is a monthly or six-month option for students who want additional time to use the service and can use their given time in any way they see fit.

Plans start at $40 for an hour and go up to $340 for up to 10 hours each month. Starting at $350 for 10 hours, subscriptions for six-month periods range from roughly $1,450 for 50 hours to about $29 per hour.


Skooli has a team of history tutors ready to help you whenever you need it. Each site’s instructors have a specialization listed on their profile, making it simple to find assistance with a particular geographic region or period of history.

Additionally, Skooli’s search function enables prospective students to check the tutor’s resume prior to making a connection. Student-tutor collaboration can take place in various ways through the online classroom, from simple text chats to file sharing for projects like essays and other assignments.

Skooli’s price structure makes it ideal for quick homework assistance and specialized assignments. Skooli charges roughly $1 per minute instead of monthly memberships or hourly rates, so you only pay for the time you utilize. Before joining up for the platform, it’s crucial to do some research to see whether there are any current students with teaching experience on the site.


Wyzant is a great resource for high school students looking for help with various courses, including history.

It’s possible for students to look for potential teachers based on their particular areas of expertise and to read evaluations and qualifications on the site. Some of the most sought-after history tutoring specialties are teaching advanced high school classes (such as AP and IB courses) and preparing students for the SAT subject tests.

Using the site’s virtual classroom features, students may do everything from simple assignments to more involved projects like presentations or group projects. There is no set rate for all tutors on Wyzant; each tutor sets their charges.

Students should expect to pay between $35 and $65 per hour for a history tutor, but they should check individual instructors’ profiles to determine their charges. The first hour with a new tutor with Wyzant comes with a satisfaction guarantee, or it’s free of charge.


TutorMe can assist students in studying for the SAT II’s world and U.S. history sections. Still, the site also offers a wide range of other history tutoring services, including AP history, art history, East Asian history, and European history. TutorMe also has hundreds of different classes in a wide range of areas.

Students and tutors can use TutorMe’s screen-sharing and live chat features. Diverse learning choices are available to meet the needs of a wide range of students.

All of the platform’s tutors are either enrolled in or have recently graduated from an approved university and have past tutoring expertise in the subject(s) they are teaching.

Various payment options are available, including pay-per-session at around $1 per minute and monthly plans of two hours at around $70. Monthly classes of four hours cost about $120, while classes of eight hours cost about $210.

University Tutor

Among the history tutors on University Tutor, several specialize in test preparation, whether for regular class assessments or national exams like the SATs.

A detailed profile for each teacher is available to students, including information on the tutor’s qualifications, availability, and other preferences. You can add an optional “hobbies” part to your tutor profile, adding a human touch to the entire procedure.

University Tutor is more of a matchmaking service than a fully working platform. It’s unusual for a service like this to have its instructional materials. It is up to tutors to determine their fees and the techniques they use to connect with their students.

Even though this places additional responsibility on the tutors, it allows for more individualized instruction.

Our Method for Choosing the Best Online History Tutors

Online history tutoring may address a wide spectrum of student needs, from formal test prep and homework review to essay help. Some of the most common demands for history students have been selected, including particular specialties and grade levels, so that we can reach as many students feasible.

If you’re looking for guidance with a specific assignment or a long-term tutoring arrangement, a history tutor can help. We’ve highlighted the services that have the most flexibility and the capacity to tailor lessons to the needs of each student.

Although we found Preply to be the most user-friendly of the two,’s specialization in American history, specifically for the AP History exam, set it apart from the pack. Students and teachers can communicate via software, video chat, screen-sharing programs, and more with the help of a University Tutor.

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