Finest Sites For Online Reading Instruction

We’ve collected the finest free sites for online reading instruction to help your child improve their reading and comprehension skills.

Only 35% of 4th graders and 34% of 8th-grade students met or exceeded NAEP Proficient reading standards in 2019, according to the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress Reading Assessment. This is a 2 percentage point drop from 2017.

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A child’s ability to read proficiently in third grade significantly impacts their ability to complete high school on schedule. Proficiency readers have an accuracy rate four times lower than this.

Yet assistance can be found. It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a reading tutor online, as there are many options. Reading tutoring services online cater to a wide range of learning styles and goals, so choosing one that works well with your unique situation and learning style is easy. The best online instruction for reading is now at your fingertips.


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For students who need help with a wide range of academic disciplines, Skooli is a good option.

Most Skooli instructors have at least a bachelor’s degree in the subject matter they tutor, so students can be confident that they’ll receive expert assistance regardless of grade level. Select a tutor (and check out their credentials) at any time and begin a lesson practically immediately.

Regarding short-term tutoring, Skooli excels since it can be used both with a single tutor and with a rotating roster of tutors each time you log on.


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Every major standardized test includes a reading portion, and TutorMe provides a wide selection of tutors that can assist you in preparing for it. There are sometimes extremely specific goals and criteria for the reading comprehension sections of standardized examinations, so even excellent readers may wish to seek tutoring before taking these tests.

TutorMe offers SAT and ACT prep instructors and SAT II subject exam prep teachers. Additionally, tutors are available for examinations such as the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT, which have reading components, as well as other undergraduate and graduate-level exams.

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Screen-sharing and various live chat tools allow students to consult with tutors in a way that works best for them on TutorMe’s platform. It is important for students to know that their teachers have the required experience for such assessments.

Revolution Prep

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Online teaching platform Revolution Prep is one of only a few that employs full-time professional instructors (rather than hiring experts who tutor as a side gig).

The platform started as a test prep service, and that’s still one of its best features; even now, it offers training in a wide range of disciplines via one-on-one tutoring tailored to a student’s current course of study. Revolution Prep provides test prep tutoring in the form of pre-existing programs taught in small groups.

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Students of all grade levels can benefit from‘s extensive library of resources, including the Princeton Review, which was bought in 2014.

A wide range of pre-made content is available on the site to help students with reading comprehension strategies, from the most basic abilities to more advanced literary analysis. For children who don’t require formal tutoring, this is an excellent approach to give them a gentle push in the right direction. offers a variety of programs for students who need one-on-one tutoring, including monthly subscriptions with a set amount of hours or flexible plans that allow instruction at any time.


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Wyzant, a well-known tutoring service with a wide range of instructors to choose from, has many experienced reading tutors on call at all times. A wide range of tutors is available to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for help with reading comprehension and fluency in K-12, college-level literature assignments, or exam preparation.

There is a means for students to narrow the pool of potential teachers down to specific grade levels or tests using this tool. Students can immediately check a tutor’s profile, ratings from former students, and hourly rates.

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Instructors on Wyzant can determine their prices. According to the site, the typical hourly charge for a reading tutor is between $30 and $50, although not every tutor will be within that price range. There is a one-hour “insurance” policy with Wyzant: If you don’t like your first one-hour lesson with a new instructor, you don’t have to pay for it.

Using this program for a reading lesson is a breeze because of the interactive features, including video chat and a “whiteboard”-style classroom environment.

Online Reading Tutor

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There’s no substitute for an experienced dyslexia reading tutor, and Online Reading Tutor provides just that. Approaches to helping students overcome their reading issues can assist students of any age or grade level.

According to Orton-Gillingham principles, the site’s goal is to provide students with the tools they need to enhance their reading skills over the long term, rather than just to fulfill benchmarks or pass a certain exam. The five main focus areas for tutoring are vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and reading comprehension. Three days a week is a minimum, but five or six is preferred, and one-on-one classes can be arranged to meet the student’s timetable.

The Z Club

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If your child has outgrown the colorful activities of children’s reading tutoring, Club Z is a great option for helping them hone their skills. Students at this level may find it extremely difficult to keep up with reading, which is why Club Z was created.

Teachers from the service work to help children improve their reading comprehension and fluency to do better in all of their studies, not just language arts. An additional proprietary program is available for high school pupils who are struggling or simply not interested in reading. With online and in-person tutoring, the organization offers a wide range of options to meet the needs of each unique student.

The Bottom Line

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Skooli’s no-commitment model is what we like best. A one-hour tutoring session costs just $1, and users are paired with instructors who specialize in their areas of weakness. Whether you’re cramming for a test or stuck on a homework assignment, you’ll have access to life to tutor just when you need it.

Students from kindergarten through university can use Skooli. Students can access live, one-on-one assistance at any time of day or night.

A variety of companies offers online reading tutoring services.

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Students and tutors can work remotely on reading skills and projects using an online reading tutoring service. Reading may be one of many subjects given by a service, or a specific grade level or degree of comprehension that is targeted.

According to a study published in Rural Special Education Quarterly, students’ oral reading fluency nearly doubled as a result of extra online reading training. As stated in another report issued by Brown University, “Researchers have found that tutoring has big and favorable impacts on student progress in math and reading.”

How Much Do Online Reading Tutors Charge?

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The cost of an online reading instructor can range from as low as cents per minute to as high as hundreds of dollars per month. Other companies offer predetermined pricing for either hourly tutoring support or monthly subscriptions, while tutors can set their charges with some services (often hourly). On average, hourly charges are in the $30 to $50 range, while monthly subscriptions start at around $150 to $200.

In what ways is an online reading tutoring program advantageous?

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Screen-sharing and chat (text or video) are the most commonly used technologies for remote tutoring. Some platforms can include additional functionality, such as virtual “classrooms.” Depending on how each coach chooses to work, there may be pre-recorded video lessons and live elements. Some platforms may include interactive activities, such as word games and other drills, depending on the grade level and the subject area.

Researchers in the Journal of Language and Literacy Education discovered that sight word games used in conjunction with phonemic awareness training improved students’ growth and acquisition of words in the sight word domain in 2017. The word per minute group progressed at a rate of 2.81 sight words per week, which was twice as fast as the control group’s rate of oral reading fluency advancement.

Which Online Reading Tutoring Services Did We Pick?

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Some of the niches we’ve discovered are those that we believe will be most beneficial to the widest possible variety of children, as reading tutoring can benefit multiple academic areas at any grade level. Students who require tutoring in reading must be able to find a tutor who is a good match for their learning style and academic demands. You’ll find anything from test prep and tutoring for reading impairments to more general reading help for any grade level or learning style.

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Students who seek a reading tutor may be working toward a long-term objective, or they may be struggling with a specific project. Pay-per-minute, on-demand homework help is only one of several options we’ve covered in our list of options.

Students can select between one-time or long-term support from Skooli, which got our overall award for outstanding assistance. When it comes to helping your teen or preteen develop their reading skills, Club Z is the perfect solution. Because it is specifically designed to assist dyslexic pupils, the Online Reading Tutor is an excellent resource for those struggling to read because of their dyslexia.

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