Children’s Life Insurance

When a parent meets with their insurance agent, one of their main concerns is whether or not their policy will provide for their children in the event of their death. However, have you ever thought about securing children’s life insurance to protect against the loss of a child?

Financial experts say parents should consider it, but many find it too morbid. No matter how much they protest.

Think about it.

When it comes to their child, no parent ever anticipates danger.

Life insurance was discussed as a possible workplace benefit for moms. They sought advice from a financial advisor before making a final call, and with that person’s guidance, they concluded that the policy would be financially beneficial in the event of a tragedy involving their children.

Keith Smith, a licensed insurance agent for Heritage, says, “With all due respect, death is going to be the biggest reason.”


The primary purpose of life insurance is to provide financial support to the policyholder’s dependents in the event of the policyholder’s death. Insurance is more of a safety net in the event of a child’s untimely death unless the child is a celebrity with a large income.

According to Smith, most families don’t budget for such tragedies, leaving them responsible for covering fairly steep funeral costs ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 (not including the cost of a burial plot in a cemetery).

Life insurance can also provide peace of mind for your children’s future financial stability once they’ve left the nest and are living independently. Your child can get a low-cost beginning to a life insurance policy as part of their future financial security if you purchase a policy on their behalf.

How to?

Due to their low mortality rates, children’s policies tend to be relatively inexpensive. Adding a rider to an existing policy is the most cost-effective way to insure a child.

When you purchase additional coverage for your child under an existing life insurance policy, such as the one you have for yourself, you do so by adding what is known as a “rider” to the primary policy. The monthly cost of including your child as a “rider” on your policy can be as little as $4. The monthly premium on a child’s own policy can reach $25 or more.


It’s recommended that parents consult an insurance professional to determine if it’s financially feasible to purchase a life insurance policy for their child. Keep an eye out for suspicious mail; it could be a scam designed to make you feel unsafe.

Tell someone what’s going on, please. Instead of writing back, have a conversation with a living, breathing human being.

Talk about your budget, how old your children are, how many there are, and any worries you have about purchasing a policy.

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