What Is Your Parenting Style?

These parents stand out – if you will, ticks that have stood the test of time. Some parenting style are timeless, for better or worse! This list of common parents types in southeast Michigan and beyond. Examine it. You probably know someone who fits the bill!

1. The worrywart.

What if your son trips over his shoelace? What if the friendly neighbor’s Chihuahua turns ferocious? What if your child gets muddy while playing outside? It’s natural for parents to be concerned about their children. However, some parents have a habit of worrying about, well, everything. From major disasters to minor meltdowns, these parents keep us informed of any potential (if unlikely) dangers.

2. The outspoken and proud.

Everyone has been there. Waiting for the kids to come out of school prompts a monologue about how their eighth-grade daughter has already begun writing her Harvard application. A normal conversation may unintentionally devolve into a one-upmanship contest. “Does your son know how to play ‘Chopsticks’ on the piano? “My daughter recently learned Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” It’s natural to be proud of your child’s achievements, and these parents want the entire world to know how wonderful their child is.

3. The overbearing parent.

Hover-parents are always right behind their children, whether it’s touching up a third-grade art project or calling a teacher to complain about a bad grade. According to experts, there are numerous reasons for hovering, including trying to make up for lost time with children and channeling energy from a spousal attachment into a stronger attachment to the child. Whatever the reason, these parents go out of their way to ensure that their child never makes a mistake or gets hurt.

4. The carefree attitude.

This appears to be the parental philosophy: the fewer the rules, the better. This hands-off parenting style allows children to develop and discover the world on their own terms. Is there no curfew? No worries. As long as the kids are safe and healthy, the parents will let them do whatever they want.

5. The drill instructor.

The sarg, on the other hand, thrives on law and order. This parenting style is straight out of Captain von Trapp’s playbook, minus the whistle calls and sailor uniforms. The M.O. is tightly scheduled activities, strict discipline, and an unarguable bedtime, but it’s all to help the child grow up to be the best he (or she) can be.

6. The frazzled craziness.

What happened to the car keys? When is volleyball practice? Did you feed the dog? This agitated tornado of a parent always appears to be juggling a million things at once. Getting the kids to all of their activities on time, being home to talk to the plumber, and meeting that last-minute project deadline – these moms and dads always (somehow) manage to keep it together.

7. The calm mama and the peaceful papa.

These parents, on the other hand, may have just as much to do, but they make it look so… easy! These walking zen gardens are always on time, always calm and clear-headed, and never appear to work too hard to complete tasks perfectly. These parents make multitasking look easy, much to the chagrin of most of us.

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