50 Ways to Beat the Isolation Blues

Make a jar full of exciting ways to beat the isolation blues with the help of this list of imaginative pursuits for children, perfect for enjoying at home. Whenever your family is feeling bored, simply reach in there and take one out to add some fun and creativity to your day.

Whether you’re cooped up because of inclement weather, or it’s that time of year when there is nowhere to go. It seems like there is nothing to do, you might find yourself fighting off cabin fever at some point. Try your hand at making the ultimate antidote to boredom by putting together a “cabin fever activity jar” to help keep everyone’s spirits up.

We have compiled a list of fifty awesome ideas for things to do while you are cooped up inside. Put each one on a narrow strip of paper, put the strips into a jar, and then enlist the assistance of every member of your family in choosing which one to carry out whenever you feel like you could use some additional motivation.

  1. Say hello! Construct string telephones out of empty tin cans or paper cups.
  2. Create a family crest by using images and symbols that have significant meaning.
  3. Host a contest using hula hoops.
  4. Make sock puppets.
  5. Construct and use cootie catchers.
  6. Coffee filters can be dyed with food coloring and then hung in a window to create the effect of stained glass.
  7. Matchboxes should be emptied first. Then players should take turns stuffing them with a variety of small items.
  8. Pretend you’re an archaeologist. Using the plastic dinosaurs as “fossils,” bury them in the sandbox and then dig them up.
  9. Finger paint!
  10. Make a list of the things you would bring with you if you were forced to live on a desert island.
  11. Create a fictional creature and provide a description of it. Draw it! It is a bonus.
  12. Create a picture using nothing but the letters in your name.
  13. Create a makeshift tent in the hallway using a sheet and a tension rod.
  14. Paper fish with paper clips attached can be used for indoor fishing with this fun activity. Make use of a rod with a magnet attached to the very tip of the string.
  15. Listen to some audiobooks written for children. You can find timeless works such as Stuart Little and Pippi Longstocking on Audible.com. Look through the books in the children’s section!
  16. Fly a kite.
  17. Throw an indoor version of a picnic.
  18. Create a competition for the long jump.
  19. To make a terrarium, you will need some rocks, moss, and twigs.
  20. Create a rough outline of a shape, then ask your child to complete the drawing.
  21. You can do your own puzzle by cutting up photos or postcards and putting them back together.
  22. Roll out some Bubble Wrap, secure it with tape, and then jump and play.
  23. Build the tallest tower using the blocks.
  24. Put on some blindfolds and conduct a taste test using various foods chosen randomly.
  25. Try getting up from a prone position without using your arms.
  26. Big bubbles can be created by combining 6 cups of water, 2 cups of dishwashing soap, and 1 cup of light corn syrup.
  27. Organize a concert and make a recording of it. You can get the Little Fox Music Box app for your iOS device from iTunes for only $3.
  28. Write a letter by hand to a distant relative or a pen pal you’ve been keeping in touch with.
  29. Create a plan for an obstacle course that can be run inside.
  30. Get some coloring done! You can get your hands on many free printable coloring pages here.
  31. Hopscotch! Have another look over the guidelines for how to play the game here.
  32. Host an unplanned get-together for dancing.
  33. Collapse the airplanes.
  34. The children should dress like adults, and the adults should dress like children.
  35. Flowers and leaves can be ironed after being pressed between sheets of wax paper.
  36. Create a time capsule by stuffing and decorating a shoe box.
  37. The game of “hot potato.”
  38. Use the chalk to make a trace of your shadow on the asphalt.
  39. Make leaf angels by jumping in a pile of leaves and having fun.
  40. Embellish your bicycle with streamers and/or stickers.
  41. Perform a dance while holding a balloon and avoid letting it touch the ground.
  42. Play mirror with your partner and try to imitate their movements.
  43. Toss Ping-Pong balls into an egg carton.
  44. Make “potions” out of water and food coloring with your parent’s authorization, of course.
  45. Have a game of leapfrog.
  46. Draw a map of your neighborhood.
  47. Make it like limbo!
  48. Use a hula hoop to act out a scene from a lion-tamer movie.
  49. Competition to see who can do the most cartwheels.
  50. Build a stuffed animal zoo and outfit the various rooms as “habitats” for the stuffed animals.

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