11 Top Family Snow Resorts for a Winter Wonderland Getaway

Families often seek the perfect snow-covered destinations when winter arrives for memorable and enjoyable experiences. Snow resorts provide a haven for families to indulge in a variety of activities, from the thrill of skiing and snowboarding to the delight of sledding, ice skating, and cozy evenings by the fireplace. Choosing the best snow resorts for families involves a careful consideration of family-friendly amenities, lessons and programs for kids, accommodation options, and a range of activities beyond the slopes. Here, we delve deeper into each of the 11 Top Family Snow Resorts for a Winter Wonderland Getaway that promise unforgettable winter adventures for families. Explore these 11 Top Family Snow Resorts to plan your next Winter Wonderland Getaway with your loved ones.

1. Keystone Resort, Colorado, USA

Keystone Resort, nestled in the stunning Rocky Mountains of Colorado, is a fantastic family-friendly destination that offers an array of activities to suit all ages. The resort’s highlight is its dedication to ensuring families have a fantastic experience. With ski and snowboard lessons tailored for kids of all skill levels, families can confidently hit the slopes. But Keystone doesn’t stop there – the Kidtopia Snow Fort is a true winter wonderland, offering imaginative play and outdoor fun. If that’s not enough, the village’s massive outdoor ice skating rink creates a magical atmosphere that will enchant both young and old. The resort has a variety of places to stay, like cozy condos and big townhomes, so families can find the right place to stay for their needs.

2. Smugglers’ Notch Resort, Vermont, USA

Smugglers’ Notch Resort in Vermont proudly boasts the title of “America’s Family Resort,” and for a good reason. With a wide range of activities specifically designed for families, this resort creates an unforgettable experience for everyone. The ski and snowboard programs for kids are top-notch, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for young ones to learn and master these winter sports. But Smugglers’ Notch goes beyond skiing and snowboarding. The resort offers a plethora of non-skiing activities to keep the whole family entertained. The options are abundant from snowshoeing adventures to relaxing in the indoor pools. The FunZone, a family entertainment center, is a hit among kids with its thrilling activities. It’s no wonder that Smugglers’ Notch remains a beloved destination for families seeking a winter wonderland.

3. Park City Mountain Resort, Utah, USA

Park City Mountain Resort in Utah offers the perfect blend of thrilling skiing and snowboarding opportunities along with the vibrant atmosphere of a bustling ski town. Families will appreciate the resort’s commitment to providing a family-friendly environment. The dedicated learning zones and expert instructors make it an excellent choice for families with beginners. Whether you’re looking to introduce the little ones to skiing or want to improve their skills, Park City’s programs have you covered. Beyond the slopes, families can explore the charming town of Park City, which offers an array of restaurants, shops, and cultural activities.

4. Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Big White Ski Resort in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere. From ski-in/ski-out accommodations that make getting to the slopes a breeze to a fantastic Kids’ Centre that ensures the little ones have a blast, the resort is designed with families in mind. While parents hit the slopes, their kids can participate in a variety of supervised activities, such as arts and crafts. But the family fun doesn’t end with skiing. Big White is famous for its evening activities, including fireworks displays that light up the night sky. The village itself is charming, with a welcoming atmosphere that adds to the overall experience. Families can spend quality time together ice skating, sledding, or simply enjoying the stunning snow-covered surroundings.

5. Les Gets, French Alps

Nestled in the French Alps, Les Gets is a delightful family-oriented snow resort that offers a unique experience for families. The village’s charm is evident as you stroll through its picturesque streets, and the skiing opportunities are superb. The resort’s “Grand Cry Territory” is a special treat for kids, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of Native American Indians through creative play and exploration. Les Gets perfectly balances the thrill of skiing with a cozy, welcoming ambiance that families will cherish.

6. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Utah, USA

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, also situated in Utah’s breathtaking mountains, is perfect for families seeking both skiing excitement and a stunning alpine setting. While Snowbird is renowned for its challenging terrain, it offers fantastic family options. The Snowbird Mountain School provides lessons for kids of all ages, ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable experience on the slopes. Families can choose from various accommodations, with the nearby Cliff Lodge offering spacious family suites complete with breathtaking mountain views. Beyond skiing, the resort’s dining options and relaxing atmosphere make it a great choice for families looking to unwind and create lasting memories.

7. Lake Louise Ski Resort, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise Ski Resort, nestled in the majestic Canadian Rockies, is known for its awe-inspiring natural beauty and excellent family facilities. The mild slopes are perfect for families, and the vistas of Lake Louise and the surrounding mountains are unforgettable. The resort’s Ski School offers specialized programs for kids, making it a fantastic destination for families with young learners. Lake Louise’s cozy lodges and welcoming atmosphere create a perfect setting for families to gather and share the joys of winter.

8. Saas Fee, Switzerland

Saas Fee in Switzerland is a wonderful choice for families seeking a unique and car-free winter experience. This charming village is nestled among snow-covered peaks, offering a safe and enchanting environment for families to explore. The ski area is family-friendly, with gentle slopes that are perfect for beginners and children. The village’s cafés, restaurants, and Swiss charm provide ample opportunities for families to create cozy moments and indulge in delicious Swiss cuisine. Saas Fee’s focus on tranquility and a family-oriented atmosphere make it a fantastic winter destination.

9. Club Med Pragelato Vialattea, Italy

Club Med Pragelato Vialattea in the Italian Alps is a true haven for families seeking a balance of winter sports and relaxation. With alternatives including skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, there’s something for everyone in the family to do at this resort. The dedicated Kids’ Club provides supervised winter activities, giving parents some well-deserved time to unwind. Because of the resort’s all-inclusive policy, vacationing families can relax and focus on having fun. From delicious meals to comfortable accommodations, Club Med takes care of it all, allowing families to focus on creating memories together.

10. Niseko United, Hokkaido, Japan

Niseko United, situated on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, has gained global recognition for its incredible powder snow, making it a sought-after destination for families seeking a winter adventure. The resort offers a great mix of family-friendly activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and relaxing onsens (hot springs), providing a unique cultural experience. The Kids’ Club ensures that young ones have a blast with supervised activities, allowing parents to explore the slopes or simply enjoy the serene beauty of the Japanese winter landscape.

11. Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Sun Peaks Resort, located in the picturesque Okanagan region of British Columbia, offers a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. Known for being Canada’s second-largest ski area, Sun Peaks ensures that families have ample opportunities to explore the slopes together. The resort’s ski school caters to kids of all ages, making it a great place for young learners to build confidence on the snow. The charming pedestrian village creates a cozy ambiance, perfect for strolling and exploring after a day of skiing. Families can gather around the fireplaces, share stories, and create cherished winter memories.


Selecting the perfect snow resort for a family vacation requires thoughtful consideration of various factors, including family-friendly amenities, ski and snowboard programs for kids, comfortable accommodations, and a diverse range of activities. Each of these 11 Top Family Snow Resorts for a Winter Wonderland Getaway offers unique experiences and promises a winter wonderland that every member of the family will cherish. Whether you’re planning a ski vacation in the USA, Canada, Europe, or Japan, these resorts are renowned for providing cherished moments, magical winter landscapes, and a chance to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Embrace the spirit of winter adventure, indulge in quality family time, and relish the joy of exploring the snow-covered wonders of these exceptional resorts.

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