These ‘Diabolical’ In-Laws Endlessly Harassed Their Dying Daughter-In-Law & Reddit Insists They’re Monsters

We truly hate to see when there are families on Reddit having problems after the death of a family member. We wish it were a time when families could come together and lend each other the support they all need. But, of course, that is sometimes easier said than done when grief and turmoil take the wheel. Today on the “Am I The A—hole? (AITA?)” subreddit, we came across some family drama surrounding a tragic death — for which the seeds were planted long before the loved one passed.

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The man who originally posted (the “OP”) explained that he had been married to his wife Amy for six years and that they had three children together between the ages of 6 and 10. Two years ago, Amy tragically passed away from cancer. She had been told it was terminal 8 months prior.

“I helped care for Amy at home with the help of her family (her mom, four siblings, and even her grandparents) before she died,” OP said. “And her death appeared peaceful. But Amy’s twin Ivy recently discovered that toward the end Amy had been dealing with some crap … courtesy of my parents.”

It’s one of the most horrifying and cruel stories we’ve ever heard, and it forced OP to ask, “AITA for telling my parents they repulse me and informing their friends the reason after learning they had harassed my late wife to write letters to our kids before she died?”