KFRC launches program aimed at fathers

HOUGHTON — The Keweenaw Family Resource Center is launching a 12-week Fatherhood workshop for fathers and father figures that will give fathers and father figures the parenting, relationship and communication skills, as well as support they need to be involved, responsible and committed fathers. The program is called 24:7 Dad.

The workshop is open to new, first-time fathers, fathers of teenagers and even grown children, as well as father figures, said Kevin Weir, grant specialist with the KFRC.

“Dads participating in 24:7 Dad learn to be engaged fathers and support their children,” said KFRC Executive Direct Iola Brubacker.

Weir said that a national survey found that only 54% of first-time fathers felt they were adequately prepared for fatherhood.

The same survey found that 57% of fathers felt they could be replaced as father by any other man.

The National Fatherhood Initiative conducted the survey in which 701 American men, aged 18 and older, with at least one biological or adopted child (not a stepchild) under the age of 18, responded. The survey found that the respondents with a teenage focal child reported feeling much less close to their focal child on the average than did the respondents whose focal child was younger.

In view of the fact that teenagers are at risk for numerous undesirable outcomes that a close relationship with a father should help to prevent, the survey says, assisting fathers to develop closer relationships with their adolescent offspring is an especially important task to be undertaken by the responsible fatherhood movement.

“The workshop will give fathers and father figures the parenting relationship and communication skills, as well as support that they need to be involved, responsible, and committed fathers,” Weir said.

The program, open to all fathers and father figures, will be held on Thursday evenings beginning at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 8 at the Copper Country Intermediate School District’s main campus at 809 Hecla St., Hancock. There is no cost to attend the program or for dinner, and childcare is available if needed.

Developed by fathering and parenting experts, 24:7 Dad is the most widely used evidence-based program designed specifically for fathers. It focuses on the characteristics that men need to be involved fathers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This community-based program helps men develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills they need to get — and stay — involved with their children. 24:7 Dad focuses on key fathering characteristics — like masculinity, discipline and work/family balance — and helps men evaluate their own parenting skills, as well as their fathering role models.

Each week dads will be entered in a prize drawing for a $25 gift card. Dad’s that complete all 12 weeks will be eligible for an additional grand prize.

To register, call Kevin at 906-482-9363.

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