Russell Wilson’s Parenting Praised As He Posts Up With Future Jr.

Russell Wilson has gotten social media’s stamp of approval on his parenting as the QB posted up with his stepson Future Jr, the son of Ciara’s ex, Future. Wilson simply captioned the post “Forever” as Future Jr hugged him from behind in a sweet candid shot.

Furthermore, as mentioned, fans were absolutely loving the shot as it made the rounds on social media. “Russell’s First Experience Of Fatherhood Was With Future! Unbreakable Bond! Blood Doesn’t Make You A Father 💙💙,” one person (slightly inaccurately) noted. Wilson does have several other children, Future Jr is just his first son. “The men upset by this, im here to tell you, im sorry your dad, and your step dad treated you poorly. Im sorry you aint have no fill in dads or uncles to show you care and help you experience what its truly like to be a cared for son. You didnt deserve that neglect from your tribe,” another person added.

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Could The Wilson Family Be On The Move?

However, could the Wilson family be on the move this offseason? As tensions continue to brew between Wilson and the Broncos, all signs point to yes. Wilson reportedly expects to be a free agent in the 2024 offseason following his benching by the Broncos. According to reports from Bleacher Report and ESPN, Wilson fully expects to be cut because he refused to defer his injury guarantee to 2025. Wilson’s weighty contract includes an injury protection clause if he is unable to pass a physical in March 2024. However, Wilson was reportedly asked to defer that guarantee to 2025 and refused. According to Dianna Russini of ESPN, the threat of benching was leveled at Wilson earlier in the season because of this. Backup Jarrett Stidham started the last two games of the Broncos’ season.

However, head coach Sean Payton denied that financial flexibility was playing any part in Wilson’s benching. “I understand all the speculation and everything that surrounds a move like that. I can tell you — look, we’re desperately trying to win. Sure, in our game today there are economics and all those other things. But the No. 1 push behind this — and it’s a decision I’m making — is to get a spark offensively,” Payton told reporters Wednesday.

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