Is My Toddler Having Panic Attacks?

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Episode Notes

On this episode Elizabeth Newcamp, Zak Rosen, and Lucy Lopez help a listener whose toddler has suddenly developed what looks a lot like panic attacks at preschool. Nothing seems wrong at school… but the girl’s dad has been deployed for a while. What’s happening here, and how can you soothe someone so little about such big stuff?

Elizabeth wants to share these resources:
Military One Source
Sesame Street for Military Families 
Maggie the Military Rat 
The Invisible String

We’ll also share a round of recommendations — and then, if you’re in the Slate Plus club, we’ll play a round of parenting Would You Rather.

Zak recommends: Life On Our Planet
Elizabeth recommends: Timeline Twist Cardgame 
Lucy recommends: Orion and the Dark (out Feb 2 in the U.S.!)

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