When Mira Goes Away, The Functioning Of Our Kids Gets Hindered: Shahid Kapoor

(Picture Credit: Instagram/mira.kapoor)

With more and more women joining the workforce, equal parenting as a concept is gaining a lot of traction. Wondering what equal parenting actually entails? It simply means that both parents assume equal responsibility for the children and bring them up with a joint effort.

During the promotions of his upcoming flick, actor Shahid Kapoor was asked his take on equal parenting. The actor won many hearts for his candid and honest opinion on it. He said how he believes that the universe has created the bond between a mother and a child in such a way that it is superior to every other bond. “I don’t think anyone can fulfil the responsibilities of a mother. Mothers are literally like the ground under your feet. One is never able to fully appreciate it till it’s gone,” said the bonafide actor.

The actor explained how when it comes to sharing responsibilities, he does his best. However, he was quick to add that fathers can’t do what a mother can do. He acknowledged that the role of mothers in bringing up the child is far superior. “My kids love me a lot and perhaps I am their favourite, a little more than Mira. But I have seen how when Mira goes away, their functioning gets hindered,” says Shahid.

Touted as one of the most stylish and loved couples, both Mira Rajput Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor serve relationship as well as parenting goals from time to time. In one of the interviews, social media influencer Mira Rajput Kapoor, who is married to actor Shahid Kapoor, had mentioned how her husband and she believe in equal parenting and how the husband’s role is not that of a babysitter, but of a parent.

There are many reasons why the role of a mother is indispensable in a child’s life. Let’s take a look at them.

Emotional backbone

Most children, irrespective of their gender, find it easier to confide in their mothers. Mothers are the backbone of any house. They keep it all together and so seamlessly so.

Understand you like no other

Whether a child is upset or happy, a mother can gauge the state of mind of the child very quickly. Mothers are simply able to understand their children more than anyone.

Go the extra mile

Whether a child scored less marks in an exam or is upset over something, mothers just know a way to cheer up their child in no time. Be it whipping up their favourite meal or taking them out to their favourite spot, mothers simply know how to restore their child’s mood.

Unconditional love

We all will agree how mothers shower unconditional love on their children. They would do things just so selflessly and without expecting anything in return. They don’t blink an eye before making a sacrifice for their children.