1000-lb Sisters fans worry about Amy Slaton’s sons as her parenting skills raises eyebrows

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton’s parenting skills have drawn criticism on X, after the release of episode 8 on Tuesday, January 30. The Kentucky native was seen spending quality time with her family after the return of her sister Tammy from rehab. Be it boat rides or enjoying a delicious dinner of seafood, the adventurous outing left the family excited.

However, a major hiccup arrived when Amy got involved in a physical fight with cousin Amanda after shoving the latter right across the face. Amy’s sons have been cranky throughout the vacation and all the family members are doing their bid to help the single mother. Notably, Amanda missed dinner with the family after deciding to stay back to put Amy’s children to bed.

However, Amy ultimately lost her cool and started fighting with her loved ones, who had stood steadfastly by her side. A flurry of social media users chastised her impolite behaviour after witnessing the confrontation. One fan @Jaded_Chinx, wrote on X:

“Whew. This was major. She’s acting like a damn child. Who’s responsibility is it to look after Amy’s kids on vacation? YOURS AMY! They’re your kids. Shouldn’t have had them back to back. All everyone is ever doing is helping YOU.”

Amanda raises concern over Amy’s crying fits on 1000-lb Sisters episode 8

During a discussion between Amanda, Misty, and Chris, it was pointed out how Amy had been behaving strangely whenever someone coached her about parenting. Cousin Amanda highlighted:

“When you try to help her and say ‘Maybe you have to do it this way,’ she feels like we’re cutting her down as a mom like she’s not making mistakes. Amy is a good mom. But everyone here has made mistakes.”

Chris agreed explaining that Amy needs to find her rhythm with her kids. He believes whenever somebody tries to give her “constructive criticism”, Amy doesn’t want it. In a confessional of 1000-lb Sisters, Chris revealed how it is nearly impossible to coach Amy because whenever someone tries:

“She will flip to the handle and go the exact opposite extreme… “

Sister Tammy believes what makes Amy’s kids cranky is her poor scheduling skills. She noted:

“Amy isn’t the best to keep her kids on schedule and that makes them cranky. When they’re cranky, mommy’s cranky and when mommy’s cranky everybody else is cranky. Not a happy picture.”

At one point, the Kentucky sisters got embroiled in a heated exchange when Amy couldn’t get her son Glenn to sleep. They began hurling profanities at one another after which Amy had a massive meltdown. Recalling the fight, Tammy said in a confessional:

“It’s the last night of the vacation and after dinner I was trying to help Amy because she couldn’t get Glenn to sleep and calm down so I was just telling Amy okay have you fed him, have you changed his diapers, is he cold but she didn’t like being told what to do and that’s when everything went out of control.”

Amy became determined to leave the outing after claiming her family did not help her with the kids and instead kept “nagging” about her parenting skills. When Amanda tried to mediate the fight, Amy kept raising her voice and eventually pushed her.

Fans slam 1000-lb sisters Amy’s reaction

A barrage of 1000-lb Sisters viewers have called out Amy’s constant “crying” about being a single mother. A few recommended she undergo therapy, meanwhile, many advised the reality star to accept her family’s help graciously.

1000-lb Sisters season 11 episode 9 is set to release on Tuesday, February 6, exclusively on TLC.

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