Should Parents Allow Children For A Sleepover? Counselor Explains

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Parents are often confronted with a challenge when their kids pose the dreaded question to them, asking them if they can go over to their friend’s place for a sleepover. Parents are constantly torn whether they should refuse their child outrightly or give them the permission to go with a heavy heart. Is there any one right answer to this question? We spoke to Riddhi Doshi Patel, a child psychologist and parenting counselor, to understand her take on it. Riddhi says parents should factor in some aspects before answering the question. These are listed below.

Is the place safe or not

Parents should ask their children the whereabouts of the place and who all are going to be there at that time. They can consider speaking to the parents of fellow parents before arriving at a conclusion. Since safety of the child is a key concern, parents should definitely ensure that their kid is going to be in a safe space.

If they’re comfortable with the idea

Sometimes, parents may have apprehensions because they may not like the company that their child keeps. Or they could be scared that the place is faraway from their abode. There can be a number of reasons that can make parents uncomfortable with the idea of sending their children for a sleepover.

How independent and mature their child is

It also depends on how mature and independent a child is to be on their own away from the comfort of home. Parents understand their child’s needs and nature more than anyone else. If they feel that their child is confident and mature enough to manage themselves, then they can allow their child to go for a sleepover.

Riddhi says that there are many perks of sending a child for sleepover. These are listed below.

Perks of sending children for a sleepover

Come out of their comfort zone

When you allow your child to go for a sleepover, it boosts their confidence and also offers them an opportunity to come out of their comfort zone. A child learns how to independently handle their belongings and be in a new setup.

Learn social skills

A child also learns to communicate and interact better when they are going for a sleepover. From talking to family members of their friends to engaging in different activities with them, all these things cultivate a sense of camaraderie with other people.