Lala Kent on ‘Nightmare’ Co-Parenting With Ex Randall Emmett

When Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules premiered, fans learned that Lala Kent was still embroiled in a custody battle with her baby daddy, Randall Emmett. He refused to give Lala full custody, allegedly because he didn’t want their daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett, to appear on the show.

In 2021, Lala kicked Randall to the curb. But she is still battling him in court over custody. Lala wants to have the final say on her daughter’s education and health. “His side is just so chaotic and I don’t see resolution coming anytime soon,” Lala said. Randall’s attorney responded to Lala’s comments. “This is all untrue and we’re not commenting on it any further.”

Lala said co-parenting with Randall is tough

Lala was a guest on Watch What Happens Live, and she shared some additional information about her parenting journey with Randall. “How is co-parenting with Randall going?” host Andy Cohen inquired.

“It’s not. Yeah. It’s just a nightmare,” Lala replied. “And do you have all your paperwork settled with him?” Andy asked. “No. I have nothing settled,” the Give Them Lala podcast host responded. “He’s trying to come for me,” she added and hinted that he was after her money. But don’t worry- all Lala’s “Send it to Darrell” merch earnings are safe.

Lala is also focused on the future of her family. She has decided to give Ocean a sibling, but she doesn’t want to wait for a life partner. “I will not gamble on me having my child. And I just don’t think that finding a partner and falling in love with someone has anything to do with bringing a child into the world,” Lala explained.

So, Lala is pursuing intrauterine insemination, also called IUI. This procedure involves placing sperm inside the uterus. Lala called the procedure “scientific sex.” After the custody hell that Lala is going through now, I understand why she wants to be a solo parent.

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules airs on Tuesday nights on Bravo at 8/7c.