Redefining Parenting Norms: A Mother’s Journey to Cloth Nappies

Meet Becky Lucas, a teacher and blogger from Hull, who is redefining parenting norms by choosing cloth nappies for her two sons, Bertie and Barnaby. Inspired by her mother’s use of Terry nappies, Becky believes that every parent should consider the switch to reusable nappies.


From Terry to Cloth: A Generational Shift

Becky’s journey began with the birth of her first son, Bertie. Initially apprehensive about the extra work involved, she and her husband Brett were determined to make reusable nappies a part of their parenting routine. They found that cloth nappies were not as difficult to use as they had anticipated, with only a few instances of leaks. Furthermore, neither of their children experienced nappy rash, a common concern with cloth nappies.

The Eco-Conscious Choice


The family washes their nappies separately from their other clothes, and Becky estimates that using cloth nappies has saved them money in the long run. More importantly, they have become more environmentally conscious as a family. They now use reusable straws, dish clothes, and kitchen roll, as well as organic cotton clothing and wooden toys.

Mimi and Co: The Perfect Fit

Becky’s positive experience with cloth nappies can be largely attributed to Mimi and Co, a brand she trusts for their comfort, design, and performance. Impressed by their fit and lack of leaks, even with her heavy wetter son, Becky highly recommends Mimi and Co’s cloth nappies. She also appreciates the eco-friendly aspect of using reusable nappies and encourages other parents to give them a try.


The swim nappies from Mimi and Co are another favorite, praised for their comfort and non-restrictive fit. Becky’s journey is a testament to the potential of cloth nappies, proving that they can be a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly choice for parents.

As Becky Lucas continues to champion the use of cloth nappies, her story serves as an inspiration for parents worldwide. Despite initial concerns about the extra work involved, she and her husband Brett have found that cloth nappies are not only manageable but also offer significant benefits. Their switch to reusable nappies has led to a more eco-conscious lifestyle, saving them money in the long run and reducing their environmental footprint.

With brands like Mimi and Co offering comfortable and leak-proof cloth nappies, the switch to reusable nappies is becoming an increasingly viable option for parents. Becky’s experience is a reminder that sometimes, the choices we make for our children can have a lasting impact not just on their wellbeing, but also on the world around us.