3-Year-Old Traumatizing a Stranger at the Grocery Shop – Parent Tells Funny Story.

The mother shared on Reddit how her 3-year-old daughter’s crazy toddler behavior ended up traumatizing a stranger at the grocery shop, leaving the person shocked by the incident.

Every parent knows that taking young children to the grocery store is an arduous, multitasking-intensive activity. They are occasionally on their best behavior. At times, as one humorous viral post on the Parents subreddit called it, they’re “feral.” The mother of three wrote under the pseudonym u/buckshill08 that she believes she may have “traumatized a stranger with her wild 3-year-old.”

“Is it possible that I’m dead now? Or they would be if they weren’t so darn adorable,” The initial poster posted. She stated that she had a 2-year-old son, a 3-year-old “crazy child” (who is also her only daughter), and an 8-year-old “super-helper.” When she goes grocery shopping, her eldest typically assists in keeping the younger children under control. “His eagle eyes will spot one beginning to strip while I am wrestling M&Ms from the other shelf. I wish this wasn’t a genuine instance!”

On this particular day, however, the OP only had her two younger children with her since her oldest had strep throat. She placed her two-year-old in the front seat and her three-year-old in the shopping cart itself. “This sweet, soft-spoken, elderly woman tells me my children are adorable,” u/buckshill08 remarked. “They were not hurling crap at the time, so yes, my friends are incredibly charming. She informs me that she has just received her second great-granddaughter and that the new baby and her older sister are only two years apart.”

The OP stated that the woman’s great-granddaughters would be the next president. “How the mother will adapt to juggling two closest pals… It’s not that tough!” At that very time, she was attempting to prevent her youngest son from “whipping a tampon out of the purse he had just learned to zipper.” She said he was also “somewhat obstructing my vision of my three-year-old, who is quiet… TOO QUIET”

As she heard the “sweetest little mmm yummy,'” the stranger interrupted her and her expression changed to one of dread.

OP elaborated, “My daughter. In less than a minute…stole the pound of butter—the only item I deemed secure enough to leave in the shopping cart with her; the rest was concealed beneath. She ripped it apart like a velociraptor with a My Little Pony obsession. She inhales the butter with one hand and applies it to her hair with the other.”

The great-grandmother was left “stuttering” as the Redditor responded, “something similar to ‘yes… and sometimes it looks like this’.”

Her opinion was, “I believe that my explanation to the teen cashier may have instilled in him a renewed appreciation for contraception… or, at the very least, respect for his mother.”

Redditors laughed along with the mother and shared their own comparable, cringe-worthy tales in the comments section. Image shared by u/FormerWindow, “Once, I got a little too close to a shelf, and within a second, my dog snatched and devoured a pack of hot dogs. Evidently, we purchased hot dogs on that excursion. We only shopped after meals until she outgrew this habit.”

Commentator u/Mannings4head weighed in, “Fortunately, it was food. When my daughter was 3 and my son was 2, they were 18 months apart, so I put them into the bathroom stall so my daughter could urinate. My kid complained about having to use the filthy toilet in the odoriferous men’s room while we were crammed into the tiny stall. I attempted to hold her above the toilet so she could urinate when she screamed while grabbing her nose. When I turned to check what she was raving about, I saw my son licking the door. The restroom stall door. Of a public toilet.”

User u/CakeNinja85 shared, “My 11-month-old was likewise very quiet during a recent trip to the supermarket. I observe her devouring a block of feta cheese when I look down at her. She screamed so loudly when I removed it from her that I replaced it with a baby food bar. I found it humorous!”

This is perhaps the best attitude a parent can have. What will you do about children that are too inquisitive and hungry? Parenting does look “like this” occasionally, for better or worse, right?

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