### The End of an Era: Has the Classic Kiwi Campground Experience Vanished?

ZM’s Clint Roberts and How to Dad’s Jordan Watson have joined the ranks of parenting contributors at the NZ Herald.

This week, The Parenting Hangover is introduced as the latest addition to the Herald’s parenting column.

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One of the quintessential Kiwi summer traditions involves cramming the kids into a jam-packed car and heading to a beloved modest campground for a week of restless sleep in a humid tent – sustained solely by chips, dips, and sunshine.

However, is the simplistic Kiwi campground experience from the 80s and 90s, which many fondly recall, still prevalent today? Or has it evolved into a more upscale, amenity-filled affair?

The Parenting Hangover hosts, Jordan Watson and Clint Roberts, set out to explore this during their summer hiatus, with Watson highlighting the newfound luxury of campgrounds.

Gone are the days of roughing it; as Watson elaborates, his preferred campground in Hahei boasts amenities like power supply, pizza parlors, plumbing, and even a pub.

“In New Zealand, we frequent campgrounds offering powered sites equipped with taps and power outlets. We hooked up multiple extension cords, powering two fans, a fridge, and various lights within our tent,” shares Watson.

Acknowledging the contemporary camping experience, Watson humorously admits it’s akin to “glamping.”

“At Hahei campground, we enjoyed a playground, pizza and burger joints, and a daily visit to the bar for a couple of beers while the kids savored Sprite Zero. We truly embraced the ‘glamping’ lifestyle,” he adds.

Roberts discloses witnessing campers bringing luxury cleaning gadgets like the Dyson stick vacuum to enhance their camping comfort.

So, what’s the price tag for this bells and whistles campground escapade in 2024? According to Watson, it rivals the cost of a budget hotel stay.

“For a five-night stay at Hahei, we paid $800. While it may seem steep for camping, there are more economical campgrounds across New Zealand,” explains Watson.

However, Roberts notes that the cheaper alternatives might lack the allure of having a pizza joint and a bar on-site, which he humorously points out as a key draw for parents seeking a break from cooking duties.

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