### Rethinking Tradition: Boomer Dad Upset Over Daughter-in-Law’s Last Name Choice

If the eye-rolling has commenced, you’re not alone. Over 7 thousand Redditors were astonished by the outdated family conflict unraveling on the “Am I The A—hole? (AITA?)” subreddit. A 60-year-old father with two sons and a daughter, all adults, finds himself at odds with his 28-year-old middle son and his 27-year-old daughter-in-law, Bee, over a significant issue.

During the wedding preparations six months ago, Bee, in a display of independence and feminism, chose not to adopt the family’s surname to preserve her individuality. The original poster (OP) acknowledged Bee’s choice, despite the family tradition leaning towards sharing surnames.

The OP expressed gratitude towards Bee, acknowledging her as a great partner for his son. However, he occasionally felt that her strong convictions and idealistic perspectives overshadowed her privilege. This statement warrants further elaboration for better understanding.

The wedding saga didn’t end with the name issue. Bee, resolute in her desire to break from tradition, opted out of conventional practices such as having flower girls, being escorted down the aisle by her father, and participating in a mother-son dance. While the mother’s disappointment is understandable, ultimately, the couple’s preferences should prevail.

Despite funding the wedding, the OP chose to keep his reservations private at his son’s request to avoid adding to their stress.

Fast forward to planning a family vacation, where the OP, who typically covers the expenses, decided to only finance those carrying the family name. This decision stemmed from Bee’s emphasis on independence and departure from tradition. The OP believed this stance was justified, indicating that Bee’s commitment to independence should encompass handling the consequences of their choices, including financial responsibilities.

This move comes across as petty and punitive, drawing criticism from Reddit users who perceive it as a display of fragile ego and a means to assert dominance rather than respecting Bee’s autonomy.

Reddit’s response echoes a sentiment of modernity and gender equality, dismissing the OP’s actions as rooted in outdated patriarchal norms. The community condemns the OP’s behavior, viewing it as vindictive and unwarranted, prompting suggestions for playful retaliation through name changes or creating a new shared surname.

In the midst of familial discord and power plays, the narrative unfolds with a mix of humor and criticism, highlighting the clash between traditional expectations and evolving societal norms.