### Reddit Calls Out Mother-In-Law for Neglecting Postpartum Daughter-In-Law’s Needs

On this installment of Passive Aggressive Family Members Are Treating New Moms Terribly, a 27-year-old first-time mother, just six days postpartum, sought advice on the “Am I The A—hole? (AITA?)” subreddit regarding a recent encounter with her mother-in-law.

The new mom, known as the OP (original poster) on Reddit, shared that while her delivery went smoothly, she is still recuperating physically and emotionally. Despite informing their families in advance about potential restrictions on visitors for the initial weeks, the couple decided privately to assess the situation as it unfolded.

Initial Challenges

OP described the second day at home with the newborn as particularly challenging. Craving her mother’s support, they welcomed her over, finding immense solace in her assistance with the baby and emotional support. Additionally, a close friend living nearby had been generously providing meals, treats, and dog-walking services, which OP viewed more as favors than social visits.

Unveiling the Truth

Discovering that the OP’s mother had been visiting regularly, the mother-in-law expressed disappointment. In an attempt to mend the situation, the couple arranged for a brief visit, during which the mother-in-law arrived with a thoughtful homemade spread, unaware that the OP had Celiac disease and couldn’t consume gluten. This oversight led to a tense moment where the OP felt hurt and unconsidered.

Culinary Missteps

Despite the MIL’s genuine intentions, her failure to accommodate the OP’s dietary needs resulted in a tearful outburst from the new mom. The situation escalated when the OP’s friend’s husband arrived with a gluten-free treat, highlighting the stark difference in thoughtfulness. This incident left the MIL feeling slighted and the OP emotionally overwhelmed.

Fallout and Reactions

Subsequently, the mother-in-law initiated a campaign against the OP, rallying family members against her. Amidst the turmoil, the OP questioned her own reactions and sought validation from the Reddit community, prompting an outpouring of support and criticism towards the MIL’s actions.

Reddit’s Take

Reddit users overwhelmingly condemned the mother-in-law’s behavior, criticizing her lack of empathy and consideration for the OP’s dietary restrictions. Suggestions for alternative meal options and expressions of solidarity with the OP’s predicament flooded the comments, highlighting the community’s disdain for the MIL’s insensitivity.

In the face of this familial discord and emotional turmoil, the OP grapples with feelings of guilt and uncertainty, unsure if her response was justified given her vulnerable postpartum state.

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