### Redditors Unsympathetic as Mother-In-Law Loses Babysitting Privileges Due to Trust Violation

We’re accustomed to witnessing mothers-in-law who tend to excessively involve themselves in their grandchildren’s affairs. What we are unaccustomed to, however, is observing mothers-in-law who are at ease with intruding on their grandchildren’s bodies with a needle. Just when we think we’ve seen it all, Reddit surprises us with, “Hold my beer.”

A woman shared her story on the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit regarding a recent ordeal involving her in-laws and her 6-month-old daughter. She clarified that in her husband’s cultural background, it is customary to pierce a baby’s ears.

Mother Knows Best

Despite the mother’s clear stance against piercing her daughter’s ears until she can decide for herself, her mother-in-law took matters into her own hands. While looking after her granddaughter, the grandmother secretly pierced the infant’s ears without the parents’ knowledge or consent.

The mother was understandably furious, stating, “When I saw this, I about threw a fit. [My daughter] was crying in pain, and I actually took her to the doctor to get their advice on whether or not to take them out (our family doctor removed them as they were clearly bothering her).”

Now What?

As a result of this breach of trust, the mother decided to restrict unsupervised access to the baby from all in-laws, except for her supportive sister-in-law. She expressed concerns about her mother-in-law repeating the offense and even threatened to involve the authorities if necessary.

While the husband supported his wife, he viewed the situation with less severity. The mother sought Reddit’s opinion on whether she was justified in refusing to allow her in-laws to care for her daughter.

Redditors overwhelmingly sided with the mother, condemning the mother-in-law’s actions and supporting the mother’s decision to limit access. Suggestions were made to focus on rebuilding trust, primarily through the husband’s involvement in managing his family.

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