A Mother Normalizing Being Normal On Tiktok

For the first time ever, a social media portrayal of parenting that accurately reflects everyday life, from disorganized kitchens to overflowing car garages, has emerged. A mother normalizing being normal on Tiktok.

Let me show you around my house so you can feel better about your own. Her “regular” home’s trademarks: A scattered living room floor, a table full of energy drinks, and two half-eaten bananas that her toddler insisted on eating after she ate half of her own, which she then proceeded not to finish, all of which she refuses to buy because kids spoil everything.

Parking spots used by Feret’s family provide us a glimpse into her yard. What’s the matter with you, then? Because her garage had “too much crap” for them to fit in it, that explains why. For example, among the items on her to-do list is to get rid of some of the clutter, including an old couch, an exercise bike, and a kiddie pool. Feret’s purpose was to make parents living with imperfection feel better about their own realities, and these movies certainly accomplish that.

There were so many photographs of ‘filtered’ lives and picture-perfect residences on social media that I was feeling self-conscious about my own situation. “For some reason, I couldn’t find any homes or moms that looked like mine. Rather than focusing on the negative things in my life, I wanted to illustrate that “you can be normal and perform a great job even if your house is a mess and your children are driving you crazy.”

That’s exactly what I’m saying. In spite of how much we’d like to believe that we’re all dealing with the same challenges as parents, it can be difficult to express your raw truth when it seems like everyone else has a cleaner house, an improved wardrobe, or more picture-perfect life. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t help but compare our own lives to those we see on social media.

Obviously, the videos are a big hit with viewers. The outpouring of support has been tremendous and really moving. “On my videos, I’ve received gifts from childhood heroes and messages from people thanking me for what I’ve done. These movies of me strolling around my house have had a profound effect on others because assisting others has always been my life’s passion.”

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