Advantages Of Having A Pen Pal

There are a lot of advantages of having a pen pal. However, although the world has “shrunk,” instructors continue to arrange worldwide pen pal exchanges for their kids and for a good reason. Having an international pen buddy for your tween might be a good idea for you and your teen. Your child’s pen buddy can be an excellent source of encouragement and support, as well as an educational tool.

Reading And Writing Are Honed

Writing and receiving handwritten letters from pen pals is a great way to improve your reading and writing skills. Email and text messaging among young people are notorious for their reliance on “textese” (such as LOL and 2moro) and their inability to capitalize and punctuate correctly, as well as their tendency to write in phrases rather than sentences.

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Some evidence suggests that teenagers who frequently use texting have higher language abilities than those who do not, according to research published in 2016.

Writing to a fellow student is much more fun than preparing an essay for your teacher! Your youngster will be thrust into the role of English “teacher” or role model because most overseas pen pals write in their second language. The tween’s English skills may organically improve due to this role.

Perspective-Taking Is Encouraged

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Tweens become more self-absorbed as they approach adolescence. Having an international pen buddy might help kids see things from a different viewpoint and push them to think outside the box.

For example, if the pen pal lives in a country with an unstable political climate and an economically depressed economy, this may be especially true. Talking to your child about what they’re going through and giving them a sense of perspective on what’s important are both terrific ideas.

Enhances The Ability To Wait Their Turn

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Tweens’ ability to delay gratification or wait for a worthy reward grows as they move away from childhood. Many favorable outcomes, including academic success, are linked to the ability to defer gratification, making it vital to foster this trait. Delaying gratification is nearly impossible with text messaging and instant chat.

On the other hand, international pen pals may send letters and shipments at intervals of several weeks or even months. Having a pen pal is a terrific way to learn to enjoy the anticipation of something.

Social Studies Are Promoted As A Result Of This

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A tween’s interest in social studies and history may be piqued by correspondence with a pen buddy. Adolescent egocentrism contributes to the fact that tweens are most interested in personally relevant issues.

When you have a penfriend in another country, you get a personal connection to the subject matter, making it easier to grasp the concepts of geography, world politics, and world history.

It Aids In The Growth Of Interpersonal Skills

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Tweenagers are also a time when social abilities begin to take shape. One of the most important aspects of pen pals is reciprocation (a letter packed with “me,” no questions, and no reciprocation is not a successful pen pal connection). Mutual respect and the capacity to find common ground are the building blocks of a true friendship.

Having a pen friend can be especially beneficial to socially shy tweens. Having a pen buddy provides them the time and space to find the appropriate words (they often freeze if they have to communicate before they think) and naturally creates a deeper, less superficial friendship that introverts desire.


The benefits of having an overseas pen buddy for your preteen are numerous. If your tween’s instructor initiates such an engagement, congratulate them and look forward to seeing how your tween changes due to the interaction.