Answers For Your Changing Body

Puberty: What Is It?

Now that you’re getting older, your body is starting to change. It’s only natural that you start looking for answers for your changing body.

During puberty, one’s physical appearance undergoes a significant transformation as one transitions from a child to an adult. As children mature into men, so do their bodies and minds. In time, girls grow into women. Slowly, puberty’s transformations take place.

Knowing what to expect when things change might alleviate some of the anxiety that comes along with it. Don’t hesitate to ask your parents, doctor, or another trustworthy adult when you have a question.

What will happen to my physical body?

Your body undergoes a great deal of transformation during puberty. This is normal and healthy.

Pimples may form on your face as your skin becomes greasy. As a result, your tone will be softer. Your height will increase.

Hair can grow in places of your body outside your scalp. This fungus can grow on your face and beneath your arms, breast, and even in your private area! The hair on your arms and legs will grow out more quickly than before. You’ll smell bad whenever you get wet, especially under your arms.

The size of your penis and testicles (balls) will increase. Sometimes, your penis will become more enormous and prickly. An erection is what you’re experiencing.

What’s Wrong With My Penis?

There are instances when an erection simply occurs.

They can occur when you touch your penis or something scrapes against it. Ejaculation occurs when a sticky liquid known as semen is expelled from the penis.

A wet dream is when you ejaculate in your sleep. Wet dreams, erections, and ejaculation are all-natural occurrences during puberty.

Is There Anything I Should Know?

During puberty, a person may experience intense emotions, such as anger. Other emotions are possible, as well.

  • Feeling pleased and sad at the same time can be difficult.
  • You may find another individual to be adorable and end up becoming fascinated with them.
  • Feel free to touch yourself in a place that is private to you.

It’s very typical to experience these emotions as a teenager.

What Do You Mean by “Private”?

When you’re on your own, you’re in the privacy of your own space. You have the right to privacy in your bedroom and the bathroom. The underwear also protects the most remote regions of your body. It’s essential to address some of the changes that occur during puberty in an intimate setting.

Is there anything you can do in private?

When you’re alone in your bathroom or bedroom, and the door is closed, it’s okay to touch your private areas. Most people keep ejaculations and wet fantasies a secret. When you’re out in public, avoid touching your private regions. A classroom, café, or playground are all examples of public spaces.

To keep your private area clean and healthy, your parents or doctor may need to inspect it. You should never let anybody else touch your private parts, and you should never let anyone else touch yours. Whenever someone, even an adult, does something to your private region that makes you uncomfortable, say “No!” and tell your parents or another responsible adult.

A trusted adult, such as a parent or doctor, can help you learn about sex and healthy relationships when you are older and ready for a partnership.

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