6 Apps for Kids to Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Your child will be better able to manage stress and emotions, maintain focus, and enhance their mental health by using these six apps for kids to practice mindfulness and meditation. These specially designed applications offer a variety of tools and techniques to help children develop skills for managing stress and emotions in a healthy and constructive manner.

According to research, practicing mindfulness can assist our kids, who are busier than ever, in feeling less anxious, enhance their ability to concentrate and memory and make it simpler for them to go to sleep.

Although practicing mindfulness and meditation is something that you and your family may do together or alone and without the use of any tools, there are also free and paid applications that can assist your youngster in learning the ropes of mindfulness practice. With the help of these programs, your child can learn the basics of meditation and develop the ability to calm down.

1. Headspace for Kids

The widely used mindfulness software for adults now features a series of breathing exercises, visualizations, and meditations designed specifically for children. These activities are arranged into the following five categories: kindness, focus, sleep, and quiet. Choose the option that caters to your child’s requirements the most, or join up for a comprehensive family plan—$ 12.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

2. Meditation for Kids

Through more than one hundred different guided meditations, hypnosis sessions, sleep stories, and breathing exercises, this app is designed to assist youngsters in getting a better night’s sleep and developing healthy, thoughtful habits. Additionally, the app includes a gratitude notebook, which, according to study, can assist in the improvement of mood as well as mental health. Designed for children aged 6 to 8, but the app claims that it is suitable for even toddlers; suitable for all ages.

3. Mindful Meditation on Alexa

Another of Amazon’s skill sets is “Alexa, open Mindful Meditation.” If your child is having trouble calming their mind during the day, they or you can ask Alexa to guide them through meditation by saying, “Alexa, open Mindful Meditation.” There are now five distinct types of meditation and lengths available, ranging from shorter tracks focused on breathwork that last only 3 minutes to lengthier tracks that last 10 or 20 minutes and are aimed to help melt away tension. When your child is having trouble sleeping, telling them to “power down” will help and keep screens out of their bedroom.

4. Smiling Mind

This research-based software provides mindfulness sessions that start with a short series of questions to focus the mind and continue with straightforward, understandable meditation activities for both adults and children so that the entire family may participate. The exercises are designed to be easy to follow and do not require any prior experience.

5. Sleep Meditations for Kids

Sleep Meditations for Kids is the ideal app to add to your sleep routine because it is guided by a Montessori educator and features carefully prepared narrative meditations intended to foster relaxation and contentment in the listener. You are given access to one track for free, and you have the option to purchase full access within the app itself.

6. Sound Mind

This application allows users to engage in music therapy, audio therapy, and visual therapy, as well as journaling and mood tracking, positive affirmations, and wellness tasks. In addition, after the app has been downloaded, users can create a unique character that will serve as their “mental health friend” throughout their journey.

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