**Ashlee Simpson Describes Winning the Co-Parenting Jackpot with Pete Wentz**

Ashlee Simpson expressed her gratitude for the harmonious co-parenting relationship she shares with her ex-husband, Pete Wentz. The singer, aged 39, discussed raising their eldest son, Bronx Mowgli, during an interview on Rachel Bilson’s podcast, Broad Ideas.

Following her marriage to the Fall Out Boy musician from 2008 to 2011, Simpson and Wentz continued to co-parent their son Bronx, who is now 15 years old. Despite their divorce, Wentz has welcomed two children with his girlfriend, Meagan Camper, while Simpson has a daughter and son with her current husband, Evan Ross. Simpson emphasized the seamless experience of co-parenting with Pete and his girlfriend, describing it as “amazing.”

Acknowledging the positive dynamic, Simpson mentioned that Pete and Meagan, who also have two children together, have played a significant role in their successful co-parenting journey. She described the situation as winning the “co-parenting lottery,” highlighting the alignment in their parenting approach.

During the podcast, Simpson also praised her husband, Evan Ross, referring to him as “the best bonus dad” who shares a great relationship with all her children. She elaborated on how Evan seamlessly integrated into Bronx’s life at a young age, emphasizing the strong bond they all share.

The couple has been flexible in adapting to Bronx’s preferences regarding shared time, transitioning from alternating days to a week-on-week-off arrangement based on their son’s evolving needs and desires. Simpson emphasized the importance of following Bronx’s lead in their co-parenting journey, which has fostered a natural and harmonious flow in their arrangements.

Maintaining a positive outlook on their blended family dynamic, Simpson highlighted the amicable relationships between all parties involved, including Evan, Pete, Meagan, and herself. She emphasized the camaraderie and friendship that exists within their extended family, underscoring the importance of mutual respect and understanding.

In addition to Bronx, Simpson shares two children, daughter Jagger (eight) and son Ziggy Blu (three), with Evan Ross, whom she married in 2014. Their union was officiated by Evan’s mother, the renowned music icon Diana Ross. On the other hand, Pete Wentz and Meagan Camper have two children together, daughter Marvel Jane Wentz (five) and daughter Saint Lazslo (nine).