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The Girl Who Was Never Supposed to Live

Haven Shepherd’s father detonated a suicide bomb to kill the entire family when she was a baby. *Image source: This is her extraordinary survival story and her hopes for the future. Haven Shepherd gets down on her knees on the school diving board, takes a deep breath, and jumps into the pool. “I feel […]

I Met My Lover 12 Years After His Child Was Born

What are the odds of a Seattle woman finding love 12 years after giving birth by donor? *Image source: Aaron Long, a formerly anonymous sperm donor, reckons he may have fathered 67 children. His girlfriend, once in a same-sex marriage, gave birth to a now-13-year-old daughter using his sperm… When Jessica Share decided to […]

“Listed as Abandoned”: The Amazing Story of how an Abandoned Child Found His Parents

Tuy’s parents abandoned him after the Vietnam War. The couple adopted him in the U.S. He later returned to Vietnam seeking serenity but discovered much more. Nguyen Quoc Tuy was born in Sa Dec, a tiny village in the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam, in either 1970 or 1971. Seven days after his birth, Tuy […]

Twins Are Born On The Same Day By Sisters From The Same Man

Twins Are Born On The Same Day By Sisters From The Same Man

Not an accident Read about the story of Chrissy and Annie giving birth to twins simultaneously and from a single father. They had traveled for years, but now they were at the hospital, where she and her sister were both going to give birth. *Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/unsplash They were both due to birth twins on […]

Mom Asks: “Who are you?” After Observing Boy at Daughter’s Grave

Courage to the grave Matilda had been attempting to cope with the death of her daughter Stacy by devoting her entire attention to the military. She had been on missions abroad for five years and had never paid a single visit to her daughter’s cemetery. But when she did manage to return, Matilda noticed at […]