### Webcam Lessons with Bald Eagles: Nurturing Patience and Parenting Skills

Sandy Steers and over 30,000 individuals worldwide are eagerly following the live web camera capturing the daily activities of two bald eagles nesting high above Big Bear Lake in Southern California.

Jackie and Shadow, the eagle pair, are diligently taking turns incubating three eggs that are expected to hatch imminently.

The story of this devoted bald eagle couple and their forthcoming offspring, as observed through the webcam, resonates with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words, “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” Despite the winter cold, the heartwarming narrative unfolds, drawing attention to Jackie’s remarkable dedication. In February, Jackie garnered national attention by enduring a grueling 62-hour blizzard to safeguard her trio of eggs. This captivating display has attracted a global team of 10 volunteers who provide regular updates and monitor the nesting duties of each bird.

Recently, the audience has been eagerly awaiting the momentous “pip watch,” anticipating the initial crack in the eggshell signaling the eaglets’ arrival into the world.

Sandy Steers, a biologist and the longstanding director of Friends of Big Bear Valley, expresses how observing Jackie and Shadow uplifts her spirits during challenging times. The live stream of the bald eagle pair serves as a source of solace and joy for many, including Ms. Steers.

The webcam operation, powered by solar energy and overseen by Friends of Big Bear Valley, continues around the clock to capture every significant moment in the eagles’ nest.

The online community, spanning across various countries, remains engrossed in the unfolding drama, eagerly awaiting the hatching of the eggs. The vigilant viewers monitor the webcam chat for updates and share their excitement for the eaglets’ arrival.

As the anticipation grows, so does the collective concern for the safety of the eaglets once they hatch. Jackie and Shadow are adept at fending off potential threats from predators like ravens and hawks, with the elements posing the most significant risk to the young eagles’ survival.

Over the years, the webcam has documented Jackie’s journey as a parent, with previous successes and heartbreaks. While some eaglets successfully fledged, others tragically perished due to unforeseen circumstances during severe storms.

The distinctive personalities of Jackie and Shadow shine through their interactions, with Jackie displaying strong leadership qualities while Shadow exhibits a more laid-back and loving demeanor towards his mate.

As the audience eagerly awaits the hatching of the eggs, Sandy Steers remains hopeful for a successful outcome, emphasizing the eagles’ profound impact on connecting people with nature and fostering a sense of heartfelt connection with the natural world.

For those interested, the live eagle webcam can be accessed here.