8 Best Apps for Monitoring Your Children

Discover the best apps for monitoring your children, and gain some peace of mind regarding your family. These applications can keep track of your child’s phone usage, location, and other activities, ensuring their safety and well-being.

There is at least one significant benefit of all the connectivity in the modern world of technology: it is much simpler than ever to keep an eye on our children. It’s a connected world for parents these days, with everything from apps that monitor their children’s screen time to apps that monitor their children’s educational progress.

If you want to keep your kids safe, the following apps can help.

1. Find My Kids

Have you ever wished that you could always be aware of your child’s location? Find My Kids is an app that uses GPS tracking to help you keep track of your child and automatically locate them using their phone or GPS watch as long as they have it on them.

You will be notified whenever your child enters or exits a regular location (such as the house or school), whenever they press the SOS button on their phone, or whenever the battery on their phone is getting low. You can also view their school apps, listen to their surroundings, and send loud phone notifications (helpful if they lose it).

If your child doesn’t answer their phone right away or if they are out of the house, you won’t need to worry about them if you have this ingenious app on your phone.

2. Bark by Bark Technologies, Inc.

Bark saves parents time and gives them peace of mind by monitoring potentially dangerous content on social media platforms such as text messages, YouTube, emails, and more than thirty different social networks. Because it constantly analyzes the words that are appearing on your child’s phone, it can even proactively alert you to issues such as sexting, cyberbullying, and depression.

Bark also advises parents on how to handle their child’s suicidal thoughts. Bark has even saved lives by notifying parents of potentially suicidal ideation in their children.

3. FBI Child ID

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has developed an app called FBI Child ID that allows parents to save photos of their children along with other identifying information (such as their height, weight, hair and eye color, and age) for easy access in the event that their children become lost. The information is only stored on the iPhone until the parents decide to send it to the appropriate authorities.

Notable features include safety advice, checklists of what to do in the event that something happens to your child, and shortcuts to call either 911 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). In addition, parents have the ability to immediately email relevant information to relevant law enforcement agencies in the event that the unthinkable occurs.

4. Family Tracker by LogSat Software LLC

Track not only the children but also the family as a whole to ensure everyone’s safety. You can keep tabs on whoever you want with the Family Tracker app, but only if the person you wish to track agrees to the one-time tracking request. You can communicate with family members through the app’s built-in messaging system, which is distinct from regular text messaging. This system allows you to receive notifications when family members read your messages.

You can even get your child’s attention by programming the device to sound a “loud, annoying siren” if they don’t pay attention. You will need to make a separate purchase of the app for each individual device that you intend to monitor.

5. US Dept. of Justice NSOPW App

With the official national sex offender search app from the United States Department of Justice, you can conduct a search in either your current location or any other location of your choosing. The application gives you access to details about registered sexual offenders who live, work, or attend schools in close proximity to the location where you conducted the search for information.

National searches can be performed using a radius of either a quarter mile, half a mile, or one mile or by the offender’s name. The app will conduct searches based on your current location automatically, but you can also conduct searches based on the map for other locations.

6. iCam by SKJM, LLC

You are able to use a mobile device and watch live video feeds from any room in your house by downloading the iCam app, which has been featured on NBC’s Today show, CNN, and Good Morning America. For each room to be monitored, there must be computers that are always turned on and equipped with webcams, as well as software that is compatible with the monitoring app.

Full instructions can be found on the website of the app’s developer, along with a very brief list of cameras that are not supported. You have the option to make a contribution by way of in-app purchases, which will help the company cut down on its server costs.

7. Alarm.com by Alarm.com

Obtain genuine safety by utilizing a comprehensive system that features mobile surveillance. The security system can be remotely armed and disarmed, the light sources can be turned on and off, and installed cameras can be used to monitor live and recorded video.

Parents can receive notifications regarding various events in the home, such as when their children arrive home from school, when someone opens the medicine cabinet or liquor cabinet, when the thermostat is adjusted, or when the garage door is left open.

For some of the home monitoring services offered by Alarm.com, a subscription is necessary, and the app is compatible with only select pieces of hardware.

8. Verizon Smart Family by Verizon Wireless

The Verizon Smart Family app is available to Verizon customers and enables parents to share their children’s locations, locate misplaced or stolen phones, restrict access to certain types of content, and monitor their children’s driving behavior to determine whether or not they are engaging in risky or dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel.

You can even configure the app to send notifications when your child departs from and arrives at their destinations securely.

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