7 Best Breastfeeding Apps for First-Time Mothers

Best breastfeeding apps for first-time mothers are invaluable tools designed specifically to assist parents in keeping track of feedings and managing their nursing schedule. Here is a selection of seven dependable solutions that can be downloaded right now, providing the support new moms need during this critical period.

A first-time parent may think that breastfeeding or chestfeeding is as easy as latching their child on, watching TV for 20 minutes, and then doing it all over again. On the other hand, for many people who are parents, this natural act is anything but second nature, and that is quite normal.

According to Katy Lebbing, manager of the Center for Breastfeeding Information, breastfeeding is an art that must be studied. According to Lebbing, many hospitals do not spend a significant amount of time educating new parents about lactation, despite the fact that many new parents rely on hospitals to teach them.

The Top Trackers and Applications for Breastfeeding

We have compiled a list of the top breastfeeding apps available for new parents to make the process easier. The applications can perform a range of amazing things, such as keeping track of your baby’s weight, managing your nursing schedule, communicating data with your partner or another caregiver, and chart feeding. Some of them also can track the amount of sleep, the number of diaper changes, and the major developmental milestones.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a breastfeeding or chestfeeding veteran or a new parent trying it out for the first time; one of these apps is guaranteed to meet your needs. On your mobile device, you can download any one at no cost or for a very reasonable amount.

1. Baby Feed Timer

This software will notify you when to nurse again and which breast to use first, in addition to tracking the progress of your breastfeeding session (when and for how long your baby feeds), which can be done with a few simple buttons. This program even allows you to log data directly from your Apple Watch, making it a favorite for night feeds in particular. If you have an Apple Watch, you can get it here. Even when it’s time to feed your baby, your watch will remind you when the next meal is due. This may come in especially handy if you are maintaining a pumping schedule overnight or if you have a newborn who needs to eat regularly for the sake of growth or maintain a supply of breast milk.

The software has received praise for how simple and straightforward it is to use. In addition, I enjoy that there is no need to provide a time for the growth entries; all that is required is the date. The apps of some other major companies need a time commitment, which is very bothersome. Finding what you’re looking for and making changes to entries is quite simple. I also enjoy that I can enter the baby’s weight in pounds and ounces. However, I have to enter the number of bottle feeds in milliliters…”

Parents can keep track of various additional vital details, including medication schedules, bottle feedings, diaper changes, naps, their child’s length and weight, and more. There is also a section for helpful notes, which allows you to add notes that may be significant for each feed. For example, you may want to do this if you are tracking how well your baby is nursing from each feed or if they are sick and not eating enough. The helpful notes section is included in the app. The software also performs an analysis of the data that you enter, making it simple for you (and the pediatrician who treats your child) to view daily, weekly, and monthly averages. Quite arguably the most valuable feature of the app. There is a free version and a premium edition of this program; nevertheless, reviewers unanimously agree that paying for the premium version is well worth it.

2. Medela Family Baby Tracker

In your opinion, would it be beneficial always to have a lactation consultant on call? You can, however, have something almost as good as the real thing by downloading the Medela Family Baby Tracker breastfeeding app, which was developed by a well-known producer of breast pumps. Utilize the app to keep track of nursing progress, explore frequently asked issues, and obtain advice from specialists. It is also compatible with a number of breast pumps made by Medela, such as the Sonata and the FreestyleFlex, which is an absolute must if you are pumping.

The “virtual milk storage” function of this software is a favorite among parents because it enables them to maintain tabs on their stockpile of frozen breast milk as well as the dates on which it will no longer be usable. (Genius.) You can also use voice command to operate any and all of the aspects of the breastfeeding monitoring app, which is quite convenient when your hands are full of, you know, actually chest or breastfeeding.

Because Medela is known for going above and beyond just providing statistics, this app does the same thing: it provides parents and caregivers with a wealth of support and educational materials to assist them in their travels to successfully feed their children. Keep an eye out for interactive checklists, tailored articles, customized recommendations, and reminders for when it is time for another pumping or feeding session.

3. Baby Daybook

Are you someone who can’t function without a planner? Then you are going to really adore the Baby Daybook app, which allows you to track your baby’s entire day, including the times when they are fed. You can monitor various nursing-related metrics, including daily nursing length for each side, milk volume, nursing trends, height, and weight. Additionally, the application will notify you when it is time to breastfeed or pump, making it one less thing you need to keep track of in your thoughts.

Additionally, there are some inclusive customization choices available within the software. For example, although the icon for the “breastfeeding” activity is a picture of a pink bra, users can deactivate that icon and replace it with their own trackable activity for feeding, complete with their very own label, icon, and color scheme.

If you’re looking for an app that you can use for much longer than the early feeding days, Daybook is an excellent choice. It allows parents to use it for older babies and toddlers as well, for everything from logging solids to potty training and even doctor’s visits and vaccinations. If you’re looking for an app that you can use much longer than the early feeding days, Daybook is an excellent choice. You can also use it to monitor your infant’s or child’s temperature when they are ill and to register their medication so that you are aware of when their most recent dose was given.

The software has received a perfect score of five stars from all of the customers who have rated it in the App Store, which totals over 1.7 thousand reviews. One Apple reviewer stated, “I’ve tested almost ten different applications in order to find the one that functioned the best, and this one wins hands down.” “The process of tracking is really simple. In contrast to the atrocity of visual crap that other baby tracker applications display on the screen, this one has a straightforward and easy to understand design. The real-time sync is wonderful, and it makes it simple for both parents to support each other even when one of them has a lot on their plate. It compiles the information and presents the statistics in a highly understandable manner so that you may obtain an answer to any issue or observe any trend.”

4. Baby Tracker Newborn Log

Because busy parents developed this app for nursing for other busy parents, you can rest assured that the experience will be streamlined for you. You may set a pumping or feeding timer with one tap, track nursing time per side or overall session, and enter unique notes all within the feeding tracker. The feeding tracker is comprehensive.

In addition, parents can modify the settings for either solid foods, formulas, or a combination of the two. Finally, the app lets you track other significant aspects of your baby’s routine, such as sleep, diaper changes, and growth. The interpretation of data can be easily segmented into daily, weekly, or monthly chunks.

You can create custom categories for your baby’s first smile, first tooth, or first step, add pictures or snap it on the spot, and even make albums from your baby’s memories with the ability to add notes included. If you’re looking for an app that also lets you document significant milestones or memories, Baby Tracker also has a space for that. In addition to keeping track of your child’s development, Baby Tracker also provides a place to record memorable moments.

According to reviews of the app, even the free version is extremely useful. Some of the most popular features include the capability to sync with other devices (so that parents who are away from their children can view their most recent feedings and activities), printable charts, and statistical analysis. According to the comments of one reader who identified themselves as a pediatrician: “The pattern function is quite attractive. It has made it possible for me to determine what the baby’s natural “bedtime” is, which in turn has contributed to her improved ability to sleep through the night. Without the pattern feature, I would have missed this detail completely.”

5. Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

The Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker not only keeps a record of each nursing session but also keeps track of the breast or side you used and how long your child latched. It also keeps track of other significant information, such as sleep, diaper changes, and developmental milestones, making it simple to monitor your child’s growth and development. Users get access to over one thousand articles written by industry professionals, and they can discreetly exchange photographs and videos with other users (without having to utilize Facebook!).

You can use the app for numerous children at once, and it will provide updates that are tailored to each child’s age group. Additionally, you have the ability to personalize each child’s profile by giving them a name, selecting their gender, and selecting their skin tone. And because Ovia is dedicated to understanding that each family is unique, you will find a wealth of resources on a diverse range of family structures and parenting styles on the platform.

The “Ovia Chat” function, which enables users to have real-time conversations with other parents who are also navigating the ups and downs of parenting, is another feature that parents praise highly. I mean, think about how wonderful it would be to have someone to talk to while you were up with the baby for the third time at three in the morning, right?

6. Huckleberry: Baby and Child

You may be familiar with Huckleberry for its individualized baby sleep programs, but did you know that it also includes a useful breastfeeding and chestfeeding tracker? It is the best option for parents who want to organize their baby’s feeding sessions while also fine-tuning the schedule for their infant’s sleeping hours.

The SweetSpotR function, which employs an algorithm and makes the claim that it can forecast your child’s next nap time “like magic,” as well as the individualized sleep programs prepared by a pediatric sleep expert, are the shining stars of this app. The SweetSpotR feature uses an algorithm. For example, the program contains a Plan Creator that will assist you in constructing a sleep schedule for children ranging in age from 2 months to 5 years old.

Reviewers have given this app and its sleep advice an average rating of 4.9 stars, indicating that they believe it to be legitimate. It is almost unbelievable how well it works. I’m a member of a moms’ club, and we’ve all started using it recently. Every single person has experienced the exact same miraculous outcomes. If you give it about a week, log everything, and make a sincere effort to stick to the advice, you will be astounded at the results.

7. Glow Baby Tracker & Growth App

There are three main elements included in the Glow Baby app: timers for every action you desire, including medications, symptoms, feedings, and diapers; notifications; and customizable reports. The app makes it simple for parents to record breastfeeding and pumping sessions, in addition to a variety of other facts, such as the number of diaper changes and sleep schedules. In addition, users have access to helpful counsel, and the app allows them to communicate with and get advice from other parents.

This program gives you full control over how it looks and behaves, and it offers a wide range of choices for pumping and feeding, but you can also bring in anything else you’d like to keep tabs on. Parents value the ability to watch their baby’s advancements and progress with weekly reminders and tailored PDF summaries that include all of their child’s statistics and interactive growth charts. This feature is beneficial for premature babies.

Likewise helpful? When using an Apple Watch, you can obtain synchronized access for many caregivers or partners and enter or view data using the watch. “It is incredibly easy to use, and I really enjoy how well it works with the Apple Watch. It makes everything simpler, which is especially helpful for new mothers who have hardly any free hands, “according to the comments of one customer on the Apple Store. “I’ve been keeping tabs on her ever since the moment she was born. I don’t adhere to it with a fanatical level of religious eagerness and occasionally forget to keep a log, but I do have a majority of useful information that provides me with insight, which is probably what a lot of other parents require. Why is my infant so irritable? Perhaps you didn’t get enough rest during that day. When I want to make sure that baby has the best day possible, I prefer to look back at the past to see when the baby had a good day and then try to recreate what I did on those days.”

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