### Top Parenting Tips We Learned in 2023

Insights from Our 2023 Parents to Know

Esezele Payne:
Having the right nanny for your children’s specific needs is crucial. It may require changes, but the importance of a good fit cannot be overstated.

Jen Kraus Rosen:
Identify three key parenting priorities and focus on them, understanding that perfection in every aspect is not necessary. For Jen, these include regular family dinners, individual connections with each child daily, and nurturing a love for reading.

Christina Murphy:
Reserve saying “no” for critical safety situations to avoid it losing its impact. Be prepared for constant changes in parenting, staying adaptable to new challenges each day.

Heather Obleada:
Choose to have children when you genuinely desire to, not just because others are. This decision should come from within, not external pressures.

Katherine Hutchens:
Accept help and support from others as a blessing in your life, rather than a sign of failure. Allowing others to assist can bring calmness and a sense of being loved.

Indre Buechler:
Establish clear boundaries and aim for consistency in parenting to provide stability and instill important values in your children. Regularly discussing strengths and areas for improvement with your kids can reinforce positive aspects of parenting.

Justin Perry:
Acknowledge that as a new parent, you are also new to your child, allowing for reasonable expectations and understanding in the journey of parenthood.

Liz Monterrey:
Practice patience and treat your child with respect, fostering a relationship based on mutual understanding and open communication.