Best Parenting iPhone Apps

Are you struggling to keep up with parenting while managing your busy life? Fret not, because with the best parenting iPhone apps, you can simplify your routine and find support in just a few taps.

Since the release of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has been determined to make life easier for everyone, including parents. You can do numerous things with your phone to make life easier, from checking your email from anywhere to finding movie times without having to type anything. Are you still impressed? That only scratches what “apps” – the colloquial term for “application” programs – can do.

If you’ve upgraded to an iPhone, check out these great apps that will make any parent’s (and family’s) day a little easier.

1. Google.

The mother of all search engines makes it simple to find things by using a button or your voice. Speak your query (available in English, Mandarin, and Japanese), and it will appear in the search bar automatically. Do your children want something different to eat tonight? Enter your location to find new restaurants quickly. Menus can even be downloaded.

2. YouTube.

Uploading your family’s amusing or precious footage to the wildly popular video-sharing site has never been easier. It will appear on the site in seconds with a few clicks – via your iPhone. Browse millions of videos – for homework or fun – and watch them in high quality. This app even suggests related videos for each video you’ve previously searched for, so you might find something else you like.

3. Facebook.

Facebook is a great network for staying in touch with old and new friends and seeing what your favorite celebrities are up to (like Metro Parent magazine!). Messages and wall posts can be delivered to your phone without ever connecting to the internet. With this app, you can also use the chat feature, which normally requires a computer.

4. Weather Channel.

Are you running late and unsure whether to dress your children in jackets or coats? With this handy app, you can instantly obtain local and global weather information. You can watch meteorologist videos and receive severe weather warnings for your area.

5. Coupon Sherpa.

Thinking about going green? This is the ideal app for reducing waste and saving money! Coupon Sherpa provides access to in-store coupons for over 100 merchants. Each has a cashier code or barcode that the cashier can scan or type in. Discounts have just become more environmentally friendly.

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