Blue’s Clues Is Coming to a Theater Near You

Blue’s Clues & You, he musical spectacle, Live On Stage, is coming to a theater near you and will keep your children singing and dancing for a long time after the performance has ended.

Fans of Blue’s Clues will be pleased to hear that the popular preschool television series Blue’s Clues & You! will soon be performing live at a theater near you. Beginning in September of this year, the first performances of the brand-new musical adventure will take place in more than fifty different cities across the United States. With Blue and her companions Magenta, Rainbow Puppy, and others, a new generation of children will discover what it means to fall in love and how to look for hints. In addition, a stage performer has been engaged to portray the role of presenter Josh Dela Cruz, in order to thrill and excite audiences around the country. You can rest assured that your child (and most likely you) will be singing and dancing in the aisles the entire time.

Stephen Shaw, tour producer and co-president of Round Room Live, is excited to bring Blue’s Clues & You! Live On Stage to families all over the country. “We are happy to offer Blue’s Clues & You! Live On Stage to families all throughout the country,” Shaw said. “Children of all ages have been mesmerized for decades by the popular television program Blue’s Clues. It is both an honor and a source of excitement for us to be able to bring such legendary characters to the stage in a performance that is both compelling and engaging and that everyone in the family will appreciate.”

Fans will learn the joy of singing, dancing, and being creative “the Blue’s Clues and You way,” which means countless hugs, friends, and laughing throughout the experience. In addition, each of them will have their own Handy Dandy Notebook to use as a resource while searching for Blue’s Clues. The idea behind the play is that Blue, Josh, and their other buddies will put on a fantastic performance with some assistance from their friends. To discover what Josh needs to complete the show, the audience will have to figure out the answers to Blue’s Clues. Children of all ages will enjoy seeing Josh and Blue skidoo to incredible locations, dancing and singing along with them as they go, painting a rainbow with Magenta, and floating in space.

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