Car Trip With A Baby – Survival Guide

Whenever I needed to go out and do some errands with my first child, I quickly learned that packing a diaper bag was essential. However, even with careful planning, the diaper bag never seemed to have enough diapers or wipes on hand when accidents occurred, especially during a car trip with a baby.

After weeks of trial and error (and the advice of some seasoned mothers), I have finally managed to get my car in order. My kids look forward to our short car rides now. The following four items are essential to have on hand when traveling with a baby.

Maintain a hygienic environment.

A package of baby wipes or paper towels is the first must-have product.

The use of wipes is recommended. Simply put, you can never have too many of these. One of the most challenging aspects of caring for young children is the possibility of accidents and messes during travel.

The versatility of wipes meant I could use them for potty training accidents to remove sticky substances from my hands and face. Even when my kid(s) are old enough to drive her around, I won’t stop using them.

The bag.

A diaper bag should always be in the car, just in case. Diaper changes can be a hassle for parents on long car rides, especially if they forget to pack enough diapers or don’t have access to a bathroom. Get rid of the issue by stowing away the baby’s spare clothing and diapers in a small bag that can be stored in the compartment behind the front seat or underneath the seat. No need to treat this bag like a diaper bag and bring it everywhere. To put it simply, it will be accident-ready.

The likes of snacks.

A snack to stave off rumbling stomachs is the third thing you should never leave the house without. Stocking the car with healthy snacks can calm a fussy baby and make the ride more pleasant for everyone. Pick low-sugar foods like a bag of Cheerios, so your kid doesn’t get wired on the road when there’s nowhere for them to run around and burn off steam.

Think about getting a second one of your kid’s favorite toys and keeping it in the car at all times. That should be enough to keep him or her amused and dry their eyes.

The seat of approval.

A properly installed car seat is the most crucial item for any vehicle. We all know that infants and young children need to be restrained in safety seats, but a shocking number of these seats are installed and used improperly. Before installing a car safety seat, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Spending a few minutes preparing the car with these necessities can make the difference between a relaxing family trip and a frustrating one. Now, the challenge is figuring out who can drive for you.

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