Cat Vomits After Seeing Newborn Baby

A viral TikTok video captures a cat’s negative reaction, as the cat vomits after seeing newborn baby that her parents brought home, sparking both laughter and concern among viewers.

Upon meeting a new human baby for the first time, cats typically do not respond with the same level of affection as dogs.

In the Cazier family, Fefe the cat was the firstborn, followed by Maeve, the human infant. Cayden Cazier was anticipating and hoping for the purr-fectly adorable TikTok moment when he recorded his furry and human children meeting in November.

Instead, Cayden received the expected response from a cat, and the Internet is all over it.

Cayden, whose TikTok handle is @caydencazier, says in the video, “We were very happy to introduce our newborn to our cat.”

Fefe smells Maeve, who is dressed for her homecoming in a hospital blanket and a bonnet with a large white bow. Thus far, so good, correct? There is no bushy tail. No Halloween feline posture (both of which can be a sign of agitation).

As Cayden states in the video, “Something occurred.”

Cayden and his wife, Katie, are led by Fefe out of the living room, down a hallway, and into a bedroom. Fefe retreats (again, not awful) and brings Cayden and his wife, Katie, to the bedroom. The cat begins dry heaving, and Cayden knows what will happen next.

“Really?” he asks.

“Are you serious?” Katie comments as Fefe walks behind the bed to vomit in peace on the floor (hope you enjoyed that peace and quiet while you can, pretty kitty).

The commenters laughed heartily at the video, which has received more than 23 million views.

“I don’t like it. It makes me ill. Now, return it,” remarked one Twitter user who can apparently read the minds of cats.

“Absolutely not,” quipped another.

“Please show her additional affection. It’s a major transition, and she’s vomiting up from stress,” explained someone else.

In an interview with CNN’s Jeanne Moos, Cayden expressed agreement with this commenter. Cayden attributes Maeve’s gagging to jealousy since she received a wash before her first car ride to the Cazier family’s home in Utah, despite the fact that cats sometimes gag when they smell something they don’t like. Cayden said in an update that Fefe was gradually adjusting to Maeve and even finding her stride—and even maternal instincts.

Cayden titled the video update compilation, “Fefe’s maternal instincts may be beginning to emerge.” “She is continually observing Maeve, and she appears to be becoming increasingly at ease in her presence as the days pass. So far, no more puking.”

Around three months after the release of the updated video, Cayden informs his parents that their relationship has continued to develop.

Cayden states that Fefe has surprisingly adjusted nicely to Maeve’s presence. “They are not yet best friends, but she is completely at ease around Maeve and has not displayed any symptoms of worry or jealously since the video.”

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