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How To Approach The Subject of Guns with Children

HOW TO APPROACH THE SUBJECT OF GUNS WITH CHILDREN Children need to know about weapons, no matter their views on gun ownership or whether or not they have a gun in their home. When children are naturally curious about guns, their lack of knowledge could be lethal. Every day in the United States, an average […]

Anti-Racism Resources You Can Use in Your Families

ANTI-RACISM RESOURCES YOU CAN USE IN YOUR FAMILIES Anti-racism education generally begins with a dialogue, especially with children and teenagers. Many of the best discussion starters can be found in various media, including books, movies, and television shows. As a starting point, they also bring important light concerns of racial inequality and the difficulties faced […]

How to Get Your Child to Recognize the Different Parts of Their Body

HOW TO GET YOUR CHILD TO RECOGNIZE THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THEIR BODY When toddlers can identify and name their bodily parts, they have achieved a big milestone. Parents and other caregivers spend a lot of time each day dealing with toddlers, making this a critical skill. They grasp hands, tie shoes, clean noses, and […]

How To Introduce Writing To Your Toddler

HOW TO INTRODUCE WRITING TO YOUR TODDLER The fact that youngsters learn a language, talk, and write in such a short period of time is very remarkable. While we all want our children to gain the skills they will need for the rest of their lives, many of us don’t think much about how those […]

Teaching Kids to Write Their Names

TEACHING KIDS TO WRITE THEIR NAMES Fine motor abilities are being developed as you educate your youngster to write. You’re also getting him ready for school because most kindergarten-bound children can already write a few letters. When you teach your child to write his name in five simple, educational and stress-free stages, handwriting becomes an […]