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Mom Asks: “Who are you?” After Observing Boy at Daughter’s Grave

Courage to the grave Matilda had been attempting to cope with the death of her daughter Stacy by devoting her entire attention to the military. She had been on missions abroad for five years and had never paid a single visit to her daughter’s cemetery. But when she did manage to return, Matilda noticed at […]

How Tweens’ Development is affected by Family differences

Tweens’ development is affected by family differences. For parents, it’s important to understand how individual differences influence puberty and adolescence.  A person’s uniqueness can be traced back to various individual distinctions in their outlook on life, such as their sense of self-worth, a sense of purpose in life, rate of cognitive development, and even how […]

The consequences of sibling bullying!

Fighting between siblings is commonplace. It’s a reality of life, and you know that much. While watching television, they argue about who gets the best seat in the car. When it comes to dinner, the two of them can’t agree. Bullying, on the other hand, occurs when a dispute between siblings turns violent. Discover the […]

The Effects of Spreading Gossips and Rumors

Drama. In their late teens and early twenties, many people have come to accept it as a normal part of life. However, it is everything but usually when that drama involves toxic friendships, slut-shaming, and spreading rumors. It can be plain uncomfortable and nearly hard to ignore rumor, especially if it is conveyed over social media. […]

Impacts Of Bullying On The Family

IMPACTS OF BULLYING ON THE FAMILY Victims of bullying go through a variety of psychological and behavioral changes as a result of the abuse. Bullying victims, though, aren’t the only ones impacted by it. Studies have found that the effects also extend to the target’s family members. A bullying victim’s mental and physical health can […]