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Male voice changes in adolescence

Along with noticeable changes in physical appearance that come with puberty, your boy will experience male voice changes in adolescence. Your son’s voice cracking is a normal part of puberty for boys. As a young man matures, he experiences a shift in his voice and personality. Become familiar with what to expect and why these […]

Tween Dealing With Delayed Puberty – Tips for parents

A tween’s puberty can be even more traumatic if all of their pals have matured, but they haven’t. It’s a difficulty that parents and children may work together to overcome when it comes to delayed puberty. Here’s how to handle your tween dealing with delayed puberty. Delayed puberty in adolescence can make adolescent boys and girls […]

How exercise can help teens manage puberty!

Teenagers’ bodies and minds undergo significant transformations during puberty, which can cause discomfort or worsen any existing concerns with body image. Do you know how I can help you? Fitness. Here’s how exercise can help teens manage puberty! *Image source: Unsplash/Pixelbay/Pexels Tweens and teens who engage in regular physical activity may feel more in control of their […]

Tampons, Virginity, And The Perils Of Teenage Girls

Regarding tampon use among adolescents, numerous questions and misconceptions need to be clarified. After all, Tampons & Virginity are the perils of girls.  Whether or not tampons are detrimental to virgins is a common concern for both parents and teenagers when discussing sexual purity issues. After all, Tampons & Virginity are the perils of girls. […]

Teenage Masturbation What Parents Need To Know

It’s possible that as a parent you have no idea that your adolescent is masturbating. Learn more about teenage masturbation and what parents need to know about it. Masturbation is a regular part of a child’s exploration of their body, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and most teens engage in it. *Image source: […]