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Parenting vlogger forced children to live in ‘concentration camp-like’ conditions

Published 22nd Feb 2024, 04:55 GMT An American parenting YouTuber has been given a maximum sentence for child abuse after starving her children and making them live in a “concentration camp-like setting”. Mother-of-six Ruby Franke, from Utah, had more than two million followers on her channel, where she gave advice on strict parenting. She is […]

Utah parenting vlogger sentenced to prison for child abuse

A Utah mother-of-six who doled out parenting advice on a popular YouTube channel has been sentenced to prison for abusing her children, holding two of them in conditions prosecutors likened to concentration camps. Utah prosecutor Eric Clarke said Franke and Hildebrandt held two of the children, then aged nine and 11, in a “concentration camp-like setting.”

‘Led me to a dark delusion’: YouTube mom, who gave parenting lessons, sentenced for abusing her 6 kids

Ruby Franke, a Utah mother of six who gave parenting advice to millions via a once-popular a YouTube channel, shared a tearful apology to her children for physically and emotionally abusing them before a judge delivered a sentence that could put her in prison for years, if not decades. Franke told Judge John J. Walton […]

Parent Lab Revolutionizes Parenting with Era: An AI-Enhanced App Empowering Parents as Experts of Their Children

February 14 2024 Parent Lab the industry leader in holistic parenting announces the launch of their AI enhanced product called Era https getera onelink me evQM downloadapp the first app offering parents immediate personalized support based on the distinctive identity …

Behind the emergence of “Sephora Kids” is irresponsible parenting and the pervasive impact of consumerism

In early January, a college student named Chloe Grace shared a TikTok video narrating a “story time” of her most recent shopping experience at Sephora. Eliciting a widespread reaction with a simple observation, she questioned, “Has anyone else noticed that every time you go into Sephora now, it’s just all little girls?” The video received […]

Science Update: Positive parenting may counteract children’s biological aging in the face of adversity, NIH-funded study suggests

Positive parenting practices, like praising, noticing, and encouraging children’s behavior, may help reduce the faster rate of biological aging seen in children under adverse conditions. Such positive parenting practices may counter the effects of children’s hardships, improving their long term physical and psychological health.

“Opening Up: The Parenting Journey” by Anne Peretz Inspiring Stories of Transformation and Resilience

Anne Peretz, an acclaimed family therapist, takes on a spellbinding journey through the pages of “Opening Up: The Parenting Journey.” With a rich background in family therapy and a deep commitment to empowering struggling families, she founded the Parenting Journey program in the mid-1980s., , , , In this eye-opening book, Peretz shares her experiences and insights gained while working in public housing projects, laying the foundation for the Parenting Journey program. Her journey is marke…

FL House Dems skeptical of price tag of proposed pregnancy and parenting resources website

So far, Pinellas Republican Rep. Berny Jacques has been successful in advancing a plan for a website to share public and private resources for pregnant people and parents, but Democrats said they don’t think such a proposal should cost the state $466,200. The Florida Department of Health came up with the quote, which Jacques included […]

Delco State Elected Officials Collect Over 10K Diapers and Other Baby Items to Help Parenting Families

DELAWARE COUNTY, PA – December 20, 2023 –   More than 10,000 diapers and other baby items were delivered to the Upper Darby WIC office on Tuesday thanks to collection efforts from the offices of several state elected officials who represent parts of Delaware County, and a few local branches of the Community YMCA of Eastern […]

The False Promise of Split-Shift Parenting

In a country where roughly two out of every five parents struggle to afford care for their kids, many couples have resorted to parenting in shifts: One parent looks after the kid(s) while the other works, and then they swap. I asked my social media followers: What is split-shift parenting like in 2023? One word popped up over and over again: exhausting. And when the whole family is stretched thin, we know exactly who picks up the slack: moms. Moms deserve more options. Better options. Sustainable options—and they need them urgently.

How We Saved Our Dying Marriage After Having Children

Saving a Dying Marriage After Having Children

Saving a dying marriage after having children can be challenging, but a successful union requires much effort. Here are eight things I’ve learned as a marital coach that can help couples develop a solid foundation and navigate the complexities of maintaining a strong relationship post-parenthood. “I am unsure of my readiness for marriage.” This notion […]

What To Do When You or Your Kid Have The Measles

What To Do When You or Your Kid Have The Measles

Dealing with measles can be scary for both parents and children. Learn what to do when you or your kid are infected with measles and how to manage the symptoms to make the recovery process as smooth as possible. If you or your child develops the characteristic symptoms of measles — a thin rash of […]

A Guide to Calming an Excessively Hyperactive Child

Guide to Calming a Hyperactive Child

To help your hyperactive child thrive, you must highlight the positives. Here’s a guide to help in calming an excessively hyperactive child Last year, Shia, then 4, began attending gymnastics and found it challenging to sit still during circle time. However, she would stand up and walk away as soon as the other kids could […]

A Toddler’s Biting Habits Can Be Prevented

Instead of using their tongues, many 1-year-olds chew using their teeth. Here’s how to make the most of your time with your child while they are still little. A toddler’s biting habits can be prevented. If your child is anything like mine, she’s been putting everything in her mouth since she was a baby. A […]

As a Teenager, I’d Like a Parent to Guide Me Through My First Breakup in This Way

As a Teenager, I’d Like a Parent to Guide Me Through My First Breakup in This Way Young love is a great thing. Do you remember the first time you had a truly healthy relationship? When you were with that person, it was all new, thrilling, and you felt as if nothing could go wrong. […]