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Twins Are Born On The Same Day By Sisters From The Same Man

Twins Are Born On The Same Day By Sisters From The Same Man

Not an accident Read about the story of Chrissy and Annie giving birth to twins simultaneously and from a single father. They had traveled for years, but now they were at the hospital, where she and her sister were both going to give birth. *Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/unsplash They were both due to birth twins on […]

Mom Asks: “Who are you?” After Observing Boy at Daughter’s Grave

Courage to the grave Matilda had been attempting to cope with the death of her daughter Stacy by devoting her entire attention to the military. She had been on missions abroad for five years and had never paid a single visit to her daughter’s cemetery. But when she did manage to return, Matilda noticed at […]

Autism Symptoms in Infants and Toddlers

If you are concerned about your child’s developing social and communication abilities, it is important to keep an eye on their conduct. In some situations, parents detect early autism symptoms in infants and toddlers. Here are some of the signs that you should know. It’s understandable that most parents’ primary concern is to ensure that their […]

Reasons Why The R-Word Should No Longer Be Used

As a euphemism for retard and retarded, the R-word is derogatory and rude when used to characterize or disparage persons with intellectual impairments or to insult people, places & things by comparing them to people with intellectual disabilities. During this same time period, the label “mental retardation” is being phased out and replaced by “intellectual […]

A Guide For Parents Of Middle Schoolers

 For both students and their parents, middle school is a time of great anticipation. To give you a helping hand, here’s a guide for parents in understanding their middle schoolers better. *Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/Unsplash Students in the middle grades are beginning to become self-sufficient, discover their unique passions, and become ready for the challenges of high […]