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Obedient Kids Vs. Free-Spirited Kids: Psychologist Shares The Best Approach To Raise Kids

Parents often prioritise obedience, because societal norms and cultural expectations equate obedience with good parenting, says Dr. Prerna Kohli, a clinical psychologist., Parents News, Times Now

Michaeleen Doucleff: why kids need less ‘parenting’

Everything in NPR science correspondent Michaeleen Doucleff’s life had been relatively easy until she had a two-year-old daughter. “She’s a wonderful kid. She’s super smart and ambitious and motivated, but at two she was just a huge handful.” On a work trip to a remote Mexican village, Doucleff wasn’t expecting to “fix her parenting problems” but while there she got her mind blown by the calm parents and their “incredibly kind, respectful kids”. Sometime later, Doucleff set off, toddler in tow, to live amongst three ancient cultures and experience their parenting practices firsthand. Her book Hunt, Gather, Parent explores what ancient traditions can teach us about helping kids thrive.

Adapting Parenting Strategies Could Mitigate ADHD Development in Exuberant Children: New Study Reveals

Learn about the possible connection between a child’s temperament and their potential development of ADHD. Find out how parenting styles could influence ADHD development and recognize ADHD risk factors and management.

Parent Lab Revolutionizes Parenting with Era: An AI-Enhanced App Empowering Parents as Experts of Their Children

February 14 2024 Parent Lab the industry leader in holistic parenting announces the launch of their AI enhanced product called Era https getera onelink me evQM downloadapp the first app offering parents immediate personalized support based on the distinctive identity …

Behind the emergence of “Sephora Kids” is irresponsible parenting and the pervasive impact of consumerism

In early January, a college student named Chloe Grace shared a TikTok video narrating a “story time” of her most recent shopping experience at Sephora. Eliciting a widespread reaction with a simple observation, she questioned, “Has anyone else noticed that every time you go into Sephora now, it’s just all little girls?” The video received […]

Skincare For Children: Key Mistakes That Parents Must Avoid

There is information overload in todays time with parents being bombarded with choices when it comes to taking care of their babies skin. Often, they end up making mistakes because of the too many options that they have in front of them. An expert shares insights.

Navigating Divorce in the Digital Age: The Impact of Online Communication on Co-parenting and Legal Proceedings

Learn about the emotional impact of divorce on co-parenting and the role of digital communication in legal proceedings. Find out the implications of social media and crowdfunding in divorce proceedings and the importance of mindful communication and appropriate tools.

How to Get Better at ‘Slow Parenting’ (and Why You Should)

From school drop-offs to after-school practices and weekend soccer games, parenting can sometimes feel like one big logistical rush to get from Point A to Point B on time. Even though we know that over-scheduling your kids doesn’t help their grade point average or boost their mental health—and it certainly doesn’t do you any favors—it’s easy to fall into that trap. If that sounds familiar, there’s a parenting style that might sound appealing to you: slow parenting.

Dad accused of ‘ruining daughter’s life’ when he puts a stop to her ‘inappropriate relationship.’

When this father is absolutely apalled by his daughter’s behavior and not too happy with his wife’s either, he asks Reddit: “AITA for “ruining my daughters life”?” So I 44m have a daughter who just turned 17. I own a…

Science Update: Positive parenting may counteract children’s biological aging in the face of adversity, NIH-funded study suggests

Positive parenting practices, like praising, noticing, and encouraging children’s behavior, may help reduce the faster rate of biological aging seen in children under adverse conditions. Such positive parenting practices may counter the effects of children’s hardships, improving their long term physical and psychological health.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Dating Without Making It Awkward

Knowing your teen will soon start liking or even going on dates with someone can be concerning as a parent. However, talking to them and setting certain boundaries when it comes to dating not only prevents major mishaps but also reduces the awkwardness between the parent and the child. Know how to initiate the conversation with the help of a dating expert., Parents News, Times Now

Nurturing Faith-Filled Homes: Christian Parenting Tips

Embarking on the journey of Christian parenting is a sacred calling, a responsibility intertwined with the principles of love, faith, and guidance from the Word of God. As you navigate the unique challenges of raising children in a world filled with diverse influences, this article aims to provide valuable Christian parenting tips to help you cultivate a home grounded in faith, love, and grace.

The responsibility to manage children’s use of digital media is often unevenly distributed between parents

Research suggests that “digital labour” commonly falls to the primary caregiver. But as children’s needs change, there are many opportunities to renegotiate roles within the parenting team.

University adopts Title IX policy for pregnant and parenting students

Kaylee Gustin wakes up every day at 3 a.m. to feed her 10-month-old. She makes him a bottle, changes his diaper and rocks him until he falls asleep an hour later. When they wake again in the morning, Gustin crams material for her classes as the two get ready. As a student parent, public relations…

“Opening Up: The Parenting Journey” by Anne Peretz Inspiring Stories of Transformation and Resilience

Anne Peretz, an acclaimed family therapist, takes on a spellbinding journey through the pages of “Opening Up: The Parenting Journey.” With a rich background in family therapy and a deep commitment to empowering struggling families, she founded the Parenting Journey program in the mid-1980s., , , , In this eye-opening book, Peretz shares her experiences and insights gained while working in public housing projects, laying the foundation for the Parenting Journey program. Her journey is marke…

Toxic Parenting and Generational trauma

Please ad Understanding Toxic Parenting- Breaking the cycle of Generational Trauma Parenting that usually focuses on narcissism, lack of respect and boundaries, humiliation,manipulation,criticism,comparison,restriction, neglect, withdrawal, apathy, emotional unavailability, physical and mental abuse, control, self absorption, rigidity, blame, emotional instability, lack of empathy, lack of autonomy and decision making for the child, forms the broad umbrella […]

Counselor Explains Why Parents Resist Seeking Therapy And How Children Can Convince Them For It

A lot of parents from older generations have a tendency to dismiss their mental health struggles as a temporary rough patch or just everyday stress, says Riddhi Doshi Patel, a child psychologist and parenting counselor., Parents News, Times Now