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Boot camps for troubled Teens!

Boot camps for troubled Teens are often the last resort for despairing parents of out-of-control teenagers. When an adolescent misbehaves, it’s not uncommon for parents to wonder what they can do about it.  Many parents believe that a military-style boot camp might be the only way for their teen to stop running away or refusing […]

How Tweens’ Development is affected by Family differences

Tweens’ development is affected by family differences. For parents, it’s important to understand how individual differences influence puberty and adolescence.  A person’s uniqueness can be traced back to various individual distinctions in their outlook on life, such as their sense of self-worth, a sense of purpose in life, rate of cognitive development, and even how […]

How To Teach Teenagers Time Management!

Even though your teen’s procrastination may seem acceptable while she’s in high school, it can have a negative impact on her future career prospects. Here are techniques on how to teach teenagers time management, which will serve them nicely throughout their lives in the future! A sudden illness, emergency, or trouble may prevent her from completing […]

Teaching Your Teen To Use A Pad

Before puberty, tweens need to know what to expect, including how to manage their menstrual cycle before they begin their period. As well as helping girls and boys prepare for the inevitable changes that come with puberty, teaching your teen how to use a pad and tampons ahead of time gives them a sense of […]

The Friendship Issues Tweens Face Commonly

Friendships can be hard during the middle school years. Friendships can be complicated at any age, but as a parent, you have a responsibility to help your child deal with friendship issues. Aid your child to deal with the common friendship issues tweens face.  *Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/Unsplash Peer rejection, bullying, or the manipulation of a friend […]