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How To Teach Teenagers Time Management!

Even though your teen’s procrastination may seem acceptable while she’s in high school, it can have a negative impact on her future career prospects. Here are techniques on how to teach teenagers time management, which will serve them nicely throughout their lives in the future! A sudden illness, emergency, or trouble may prevent her from completing […]

Teaching Your Teen To Use A Pad

Before puberty, tweens need to know what to expect, including how to manage their menstrual cycle before they begin their period. As well as helping girls and boys prepare for the inevitable changes that come with puberty, teaching your teen how to use a pad and tampons ahead of time gives them a sense of […]

Tweens How To Get A Great Shave

When it comes to the first time a child shaves, there is no such thing as an appropriate or inappropriate age. It’s all a matter of timing and how engrossed they are. Here are tips on teaching your tweens how to get a great shave!  It’s not uncommon for girls to begin puberty younger than men, […]

How Bullying and Anxiety Disorders Are Interconnected

Bullying isn’t an easy thing to do. Because of this, it can be a frightening ordeal for those who are targeted. As a result of the agony and stress, they are forced to endure, victims may feel depressed, alone, exposed, and paranoid. Bullying has long-lasting effects, even after the bully has moved on to a […]

The Effects Of Political Bullying On Children

You’re bound to encounter political discussions in day-to-day life, and so does our kids. Here are the effects of political bullying on children. The politicians themselves have a lot to say about the people they’re running against, not to mention the public. And the majority of it is downright revolting in tone. The majority of […]