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Gifted Students Are More Likely To Be Bullied

Bullying and taunting of gifted children and teenagers are all too common.¬†Learn why gifted students are more likely to be bullied and at more risk of being targeted, plus find out how it can affect them. Purdue University researchers found that by eighth grade, more than two-thirds of bright students had been bullied; 19 percent […]

When does a person reach puberty?

This is called puberty when a child’s body changes from a child’s to an adult’s and prepares to bear children. Many questions arise concerning a child’s physical and emotional well-being as they approach puberty. When does a person reach puberty? To assist you in understanding puberty and the various stages of adolescence, learn more in […]

Girls’ Puberty Symptoms FAQs

During puberty, your teen’s body can reproduce for the first time in its history. There are some general trends in children’s growth, regardless of gender. For girls, puberty symptoms can occur at different times and in different ways. So, parents and daughters may be perplexed by some of the more prevalent difficulties. The following are […]

Male voice changes in adolescence

Along with noticeable changes in physical appearance that come with puberty, your boy will experience male voice changes in adolescence. Your son’s voice cracking is a normal part of puberty for boys. As a young man matures, he experiences a shift in his voice and personality. Become familiar with what to expect and why these […]

Talking To Your Tween About Puberty

Parents and tweens alike might find puberty a challenging time. Moods, bodies, hobbies, and even family relationships can shift as a child grows up. Even if you want your child to stay a child forever, the day will come when they enter puberty, and you will need to be ready. Before their child reaches puberty, […]